Sample Essay on Hindrances to Environmental Conservation

Hindrances to Environmental Conservation

Environmental conservation is an important initiative that everyone ought to embrace. However, we cannot assume that all groups and individuals willing to take part in these measures have converging views. Numerous ideas exist on different ways we can apply to realize environmental success. In fact, almost every person has a different perspective in dealing with environmental issues. The contentious issue has always been whether to look into ways to conserve and preserve the environment or whether to consider ways of using the environment sustainably.

Other conflicts arise between professional environmentalists and those who lack professional skills in environmental conservation. On the other hand, direct conservation of the environmental can significantly hinder the needs of human beings. For example, conservation may require people to be relocated or some to be rendered jobless to save some natural resources. Ironically, most environmentalists ride on such conflicts, which seem to be two-sided. Some people view environmentalists as radicals and extremists, who expect people to be vegetarians and live in green huts as a way of remaining in tune with Mother Nature.

In saving the environment, cultural barriers are a major hindrance. There are varying philosophies and cultural ideologies among countries.  The lifestyle of people in America or Europe could be very different as compared to those in Australia. While this could be the case, each side is likely to feel that they live appropriately depending on their cultural values. This becomes an obstacle e when developing an initiative to cut across borders.

Another barrier closely related to cultural differences is racial injustices, which cause divisions in groups involved in Proofreading-Editingenvironmental conservation. A group cannot achieve its goals when they have racial differences. Here, the parties involved redirect their energy towards their differences and not the main cause that the group is promoting. In some cases, social discrimination makes a person see other opinions as inferior ideas.

Additionally, a country or group of people cannot achieve environmental conservation without making sacrifices and letting go whatever you treasure or hold on. Though most people and countries claim to care about the environment, the focus is usually on personal gains through exploitation of natural resources. Many will quickly respond in the affirmative when asked about their readiness to participate in environmental conservation but few will be ready put the environment ahead of their selfish ambitions.

Poverty is also another hindrance to environmental conservation. It is a common problem in developing countries where there are scarce resources against high population. In these countries, poverty motivates residents to abuse the environment through excessive use of natural resources. Environmentalists believe that realizing progress towards environmental conservation is likely to be a toll order in case there are no measures to alleviate the lives of people and reduce existing inequalities among countries in the world.

The world also faces changes in consumerism where there is a high demand for certain items that we initially disregarded. For this reason, consumption patterns are changing at the expense of the environment. Experts argue that it is easy to win youths in the market since they form the largest population percentage. They hardly think about how to produce some of the goods they consume. They are easily swayed by advertising, slogans, jazzy packaging and products that will form part of their identity.

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