Sample Essay on Hip Hop Revolution

Hip Hop Revolution

The Hip hop music started in 1970s in the New York suburbs. Its origin was from an underground movement that incorporated the culture of African Americans. For instance, a section of pioneers of this music such as Kool Herc decided to serve as models in the business. They accomplished this by involving cultures that revolved around visual arts, poetry and dance.

The Hip hop artists created their rhythms by use of looping breaks in the beats. These beats were available on the dual turntables. They came along with diverse cultures that reflected rap in the music. Since the hip hop music was found, it has gone through different revolutions. As a result, it has made the music to be popular and accepted in wide geographical regions. It is clear that a lot of countries embraced the hip hop music culture. Majority asserts that this kind of music is unique hence they have made a habit of playing and listening to it.

The influence of Hip hop music has managed to spread to different sections of the world. From the past, the legends of this music were Afrika Bambaataa, and as time moved on, Tupac also became popular. Currently, the known icons of Hip hop music incorporate artists such as Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. In regard to this progress, it is evident that Hip hop music has faced a great revolution. Due to this transformation, this kind of music has diversified into various categories. For instance, there is political form of hip hop music that reflects on political issues.

Hip hop music is vital in society because it serves as a source of hope to reach groups that are marginalized. This music also empowers and unites the youth across the globe. It is also a huge source of income to artists because majority of individuals accept its creative culture.


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