Sample Essay on Homelessness: Causes and Effects

Homelessness: Causes and Effects

People become homeless when they rely on temporary shelters as residence means. These individuals who lack homes may opt to live with their families, friends and relative. Majority of them occupy the hostels. Others spend their entire life in streets or even decide to sleep in cars. The homelessness situation can be contributed by a variety of factors. They tend to be harmful to the individuals who have no place to call home.

Several situations contribute to cases that subject people to be homeless. Clearly, some homes are too costly for some individuals to afford them in a community. Another situation is when a person is not in a position to rent or afford a place to call home due to poverty. Addiction of drugs or mental aspects is other aspects that render individuals to be homeless. In other cases, divorce in families or end of relationships contribute to homelessness. This is evident when one partner is chased and decides to find another place for accommodation.

Furthermore, the act of displacing the society with aim of initiating new government projects can also result to a homelessness situation. This happens when the government fails to take care of those who are affected by change in shifts. Furthermore, this mostly happens when the community is hit by natural calamities such as volcanic eruption. Individuals who lack homes encounter effects that include personal health challenges. In addition, these people tend to engage in substance abuse that subjects them to violence.

Homelessness can lead to health issues that range from skin diseases and cold injuries. Individuals who lack homes also tend to be devastated and suffer from self worth. This calls for the society to improve welfare of its people ensuring that the prices of homes are affordable.


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