Sample Essay on How College Degree can lead People to a better Life in the Community

How College Degree can lead People to a better Life in the Community

Having a college degree is the key pathway to success. Presently, without college education, it is most likely that one will not secure a good job in the current competitive labor market. Majority of the organization do not consider interviewing a person without a college degree (Robinson 1). It is believed that college education is the main route to a triumphant life. There are various ways through which a college degree can make people live better lives in community and they include:

Higher Salary

One of the most significant and obvious reasons why individuals obtain college degree is to earn more income. The fact is that when one has a college degree he is most likely to earn higher salary in his career compared with individuals who have just completed high school. The lifetime earnings for individuals who have completed a college degree are approximated to be $1.55 million (Fitzgerald and Shelley 5).

Graduates live longer and healthier lives

A report from the Commission of Health show that individuals with a college degree are most likely to live five years longer than individuals who never completed their high school education, practice healthy behaviors for instance avoiding smoking, exercise, and getting regular check-ups. Information from the Commission report further indicated that graduates not only live longer lives, but healthy lives too ( 1). Among all racial categories, individuals who have attained a college degree live an excellent and good healthy life. This difference is popular among White and Hispanic White graduates who are 42.7% and 43.1% are most likely to report better or good health compared with those who have just attained a high school diploma.

The Commission report further outlines the interrelationship between schooling and health through different ways: job opportunities and income, better health knowledge, psychological and social factors. Degreed individuals have good behaviors, literacy, and better health knowledge. Therefore, such individuals are most likely to understand the effect of drugs, exercise, alcohol, and health and management of diseases in their lives (McDonald 1). They also have good resources, good working conditions, and income that enable them to have good health. Finally, individuals with a college degree the ability to socialize well with their friends, and support that can influence health resources, stress, and health related behaviors.

More Job Opportunities

College education is very significant because it provides an individual with a higher ability to think analytically and it imparts them with qualities that make them potential workers. For that reason, employers usually look for college graduates when they want to fill job positions in their firms. Having a college degree enables one to become marketable as a profession. A college degree not only makes one marketable, but it also makes an individual viable in various well-paid career opportunities. Furthermore, the knowledge and skills gained by individuals with a college degree and going to college gives professional networking chances unreachable to those who have not attained college education. A college graduate talented in sports can also take part in several sports and improve on his career.

Job Stability

College education makes an individual to have higher job stability. For instance, during economic recessions, it is not uncommon for firms and various organizations to cut jobs. The majority of the individual s that loses jobs is the unskilled labor. During the recession, the level of unemployment is usually low for individuals with a college degree compared with the level of unemployment among workers with only high school diploma. This implies that some jobs have a lower level of unemployment compared with others. According to the United States & World Report, job opportunities that have a higher job security include public school teacher, registered nursing, federal judge, accountant, college professor, and air traffic controller ( 1). Not unexpectedly, most of these jobs require one to have attained a college degree.

Ability to make Informed Choices

Attaining a college degree enables an individual to make informed choices in their lives. College education not only enables an individual with knowledge and information, but it also helps them to think critically and get solutions to various problems. As college graduates interact with individuals from varied cultures, they learn how to embrace diversity, and do away with some stereotypes related with some cultures. Acquiring a college degree also enables an individual to make informed choices about everything for instance, mortgage rates, investment plans, and launching new businesses.

Benefits to your Children

When putting into consideration the benefits of attaining a college degree, the majority of the individuals consider the direct effect of college education on their lifestyle and the well-being of their own children. Children whose parents have attained a college degree are better off economically and socially. Additionally, studies indicate that children whose parents have college education are most likely to attain higher levels of education. Attaining a college degree may contribute positively to the well being of the coming generations. There is also a remarkable interrelationship between the level of education of her children and the health of his children. A study carried out by Lancet indicated that between 1970 and 2009, there was a considerable reduction in the level of infant mortality rates because most women had acquired a college degree.

Ability to communicate more effectively

A college degree also has a positive effect on a person’s ability to communicate. Of all benefits enjoyed by an individual who has acquired a college degree, this is one of the most significant factors ( 1). Communication skills have an effect on almost every aspect in an individual’s life. The capability to communicate precisely, clearly, and persuasively can enable an individual secure a good job; improve interpersonal relationships with members of the family and its associates.

Job satisfaction

Studies indicate that college graduates are contented with their occupations compared with individuals who have completed high school because they spend most of their time working. Studies further indicate that an increase in the level of education also leads to an increase in job satisfaction. There are various reasons that explain why college graduates are more pleased with their occupations for instance: they are able to secure well paying jobs, they have the ability to get into positions that have job advancement opportunities (Liu, Scott, and Zhang 186). In addition, most significantly, they are in a position to work in industries and fields that they are interested in. A survey carried out in 2007 from the University of Chicago indicated that some of the most rewarding jobs include firefighter, teacher, education administrator, clergy, psychologist, and office supervisor.

Greater benefits

Studies indicate that college graduates are most likely to get higher employer-provided benefits compared with workers without college education. This is particularly correct when it come to providing health coverage. A report by College board in 2008 indicated that approximately 70% of individuals with college degree gets health insurance from their worker, while below50% of workers with only a high school diploma get similar benefits. College graduates are not in a position to get better benefits (Liu, Scott, and Liang 198). A part from health care insurance, they can get better retirement plans and saving benefits.

Reduced levels of Divorce among Women with College Degrees

Studies indicate that college education has an interrelationship with a higher possibility of marriage and a reducing rate of divorce. The report indicated that at 40, White women with a college degree are most likely to be married compared with any other category of women because of the reducing rates of divorce for women with college education. Research further indicate that women with a college degree, not only stay and get married, but they are also more likely to report happiness in their marriage compared with any other category of women. They also consider financial security as the key benefit for marriage ( (b) 1).

Stronger Community associations

College graduates contribute a lot to their communities. A part from better health and stronger marriages, they are more linked to their communities, with an increased level of civic engagement and attending church services (Bellido, Jose, Anne and Elena 6). These activities are also interrelated to increased levels of educational attainment, and involvement in the community. Surveys from the Association of Religious data Archives indicate that college graduates are most likely to frequently to attend church services: 46.3% attend church services ( 1). Studies indicate that individuals with higher levels of education not only translate into civil management, but it also promotes educational attainment. A college graduate who involves himself in community development is more satisfied in his life. Furthermore, individuals who frequently attend church services are happier compared with those who do not attend church services.

Respect and a Better Quality of Life

Individuals with college education are most likely to be involved in community activities and most of them take up leadership roles. The education that comes along with college degree gives an individual wealth of knowledge in history, psychology, science, and several other areas that would enrich an individual’s life. Education is also vital for career development, but also for developing a lifestyle that is exceptional for every person’s happiness.

Reduces Crimes

Increased educational achievement for instance having a college degree is most likely to reduce the likelihood that individuals will involve themselves in criminal activities. College graduates have proper ways of solving problems as compared with individuals without college education that may opt for fighting and other criminal activities in finding solutions to their problems. Generally, I find all advantages associated with having a college degree significant because they all make an individuals’ life successful in the community.

In conclusion, I highly support college degree because of its associated benefits. It also enables them to understand their community better and brighten their future. It is also vital to have college education so that an individual can be satisfied with his life.

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