Sample Essay on Immigration Community Issues

Immigration Community Issues

Community integration is the involvement of all the community members in the affairs of the state. Community integration involves the acceptance of individuals by the society irrespective of their ethnic, religious, national or social background. In addressing the integration challenges, there are various factors that needs to be considered which include; prevalence of racism, social and political will and the economic integration policies.

Prevalence of Racism

In ensuring that there is equality and cohesion in the society, the government should determine the level of racism that exists in the society. The racism level can be mitigated by using legislation that prohibits the discrimination of the immigrants based on their cultural background. In a multicultural society, there are diverse characteristics that form part of the society, which ranges from the religious practices, language to cultural beliefs (Goodman, 2014). The latest advancement in communication and transportation technology has made the movement of people from one state to another and from one continent to the other easy. The inclusion of the immigrants in nation matters and their participation in nation building plays a vital role in eliminating racism.

Social and Political Will

The willingness of the political class to implement policies that provide guidelines for handling immigrant matters determines the immigrant’s ability and ease of integrating themselves to the society. The government has the sole responsibility of devising inclusion policies and ensuring that there is social cohesion between the immigrants and the natives (Thibert, 2015). In the United States, immigrants play a key role in economic development of the nation and thus there is need to acknowledge the cultural, social and religious diversity of this group. The immigrants should feel the sense of national identity and be allowed to participate in economic activities.


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