Sample Essay on Impact of Holocaust

Impact of Holocaust

Holocaust is one of the events that remain memorable in the minds of many Jewish and European nationals. It serves a painful reminder of how people can be cruel towards each other.

Because of holocaust, many lives were lost. Jewish people were killed in masses, dissidents, gypsies and Catholics among other people were also massacred.

  • Many professionals
  • People with great talents and
  • Rich people who would have influenced European economy were also killed.

Holocaust also had a very significant effect to the Jewish and European community. It brought about racial concepts and ethnic superiority. It also generated concepts of eugenics and these are some of the factors that fueled the situation.

Ethnic superiority became worse even before the World War II. Different ideas of racial and ethnic differences were also embraced across England, France and the United States. Therefore, the ideas persisted until a human and civil rights movement was established in the US. This was an important step as it forced a strong confrontation of the Nazis and their racial ideologies.

Holocaust awakened humanity. Even though it was long overdue after many people had lost their lives in 1946. Proofreading-EditingThrough holocaust, the world became aware of genocide. It is with no doubt that the world is long way far from complete genocide repulsion. Genocide occurs across many parts of the globe.

The global community has not been in a position to fully act on the situation. The situation is real and many countries have moved along the same path and have acted for the safety of its citizens.

Additionally, holocaust still stands as a reminder of shame to those who did not stop the killings yet they were in a position to. It is a call to conscience and in many parts of the globe; it is a memorial of decency. Many people will today say to ideologies that could lead to holocaust and genocide.

Holocaust also had a negative impact on history. It wiped out up to 1/3 of Jewish population in the diaspora. As a result, many people have a very negative image of Germany. This is where many Jewish people were brutally killed when German army invaded soviet territory in 1941.

Holocaust is also one of the major and memorable events of World War II. After German army invaded Soviet territory, there were paramilitary death squads that ruthlessly eradicated any Jewish population it came across.

According to economists, holocaust also led to a robust relationship between economic growth and decline of Jewish population. Economic growth was reported in many parts of Europe although this is a factor that has been highly debated and analyzed by researchers. An average GDP per capita was $4,555 compared with $5,855 nationally.

There was also a correlation between political events and holocaust. There was a lasting tendency towards anti-reform politicians. This was evident in the year 1990 where voters favored Communist candidates than citizens within their regions. Additionally, there was a greater support for Soviet Union in 1991 when Mikhail Gorbachev, a former Soviet leader called for a plebiscite.

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