Sample Essay on Impact of Human Activities on Environmental Degradation

Impact of Human Activities on Environmental Degradation

Humans, while utilizing nature tend to ignore the impact of their actions. Because of human activities, the state of the environment has degraded significantly and caused numerous negative impacts some of which include the following:

Water pollution

This occurs when pollutants from human activities such as pesticides, detergents, oil and other kinds of chemicals find their way into water bodies. It also occurs when piles of rubbish block the flow of rivers causing contamination or pollution. The impact that arises as a result of this is aquatic systems destruction of reservoirs, lakes or rivers. It also causes pollution of surface water, ground water as well as sea water.

The Organic Farming Research Foundation reports that only 2 percent of farms are strictly organic as such, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides always find their way to fresh water supply and this is compounded by emissions from farming machinery and fossil fuels. All these factors contribute towards acid rain and there are numerous plants, aquatic life and animals that cannot survive in acidic environments.

Land pollution

This refers to degradation of soil and the earth’s surfaces. It is triggered by natural resources misuse and human Proofreading-Editingactivity. Poor agricultural activities, urban sprawl, personal consumption and industrial activities are some of the factors that contribute towards environmental degradation. Other activities that also play a role in land pollution include diminishing landfill space, illegal dumping, radioactive waste and too much production of synthetic materials. Land pollution is as a result of human activities as such, it can be controlled by human action as well. For instance, people should demand products that are of better quality and ethical practice of environmental friendly activities to prevent degradation.

Some of the factors that contribute to land pollution include the following:

  • Marine ecosystems damage as a result of sea exploitation for instance bomb usage, use of poison to catch fish and use of trawl nets.
  • Forest damage that is as a result of human activity and which is caused by felling of trees and shifting cultivation. This leads to losses that arise as a result of damage to forests like extinction of plant and animal habitats.

Air pollution

This is yet another impact   associated with human activities however the good news is that the air quality is improving and pollution lowering. While this is the case, there are still more than one hundred and twenty seven million people who still live in regions that don’t meet the desired standards. To eliminate this effect, practices and technologies that reduce the impact caused by human activities in regard to air pollution should be employed.

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