Sample Essay on Impact of the Crimean War

Crimean War

Impact of the Crimean war can be seen in different aspects. One of the major effects of the Crimean was immediate tension in the region. Crimean war broke in the neighborhood of Austrian Empire. This was the time when Czar Nicholas I sent troops to the Romanian principalities with an aim of sweeping out Turks and destroy the power of the Ottoman Empire in Europe.

At that time, the Habsburg regime had a challenging foreign policy because it was bound to the Russian by a counter-revolutionary of the Holy Alliance. There were also prominent generals in Austria who wanted to offer Czar their support. The situation was also made challenging by the Dubian principalities by Russia which endangered the position of Austria in Balkans and free navigation.

The government also had burgeons elements including the Bach. These were determined to draw from Russia and this drawn Austria into the Crimean war. Later, France and England decided to enter the war in the side of the Turkey. By 16th October, these declared war against Russia.

This war is considered as one of the most important wars in Europe in the 19th century due to its effects. The Crimean war led to a change in the power balance of Europe. Perhaps, this explains why The Charge of the Light Brigade poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson became very popular in literature and poetry.


The last major fighting of the Crimean war was the battle that led to Sevastopol capture. Eventually, Austria threatened to enter the war on the side of the Allies and this made Russia agree to the terms of preliminary peace by the Allies. The peace agreement resulted in the creation of the Treaty of Paris. This treaty affected both Russia and Austria.

Russia lost its dominance in Balkans. It also agreed to respect Ottoman Empire’s integrity. On the other hand, Austria depicted its weak position with its policies tending to be based on foreign affairs. France emerged as the strongest power which made Paris a center for diplomatic resolutions in Europe. Between 1856 and 1866, Napoleon acted as the arbiter of Europe. His victory in arbitrating in the Crimean war made him a stronger leader back at home.

France embarked on aggressive foreign policies which earned it more respect in Europe. For British, its prestige lowered and its capability was doubted due to its poor performance during the Crimean war. Britain became afraid due to the huge property losses and heavy casualties.

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