Sample Essay on Impact of the Holocaust on Europe

Impact of the Holocaust on Europe

Holocaust remains one of the most painful experiences to the Jewish people and in Europe at large. When soviet troops and Anglo-American army entered concentration camps, they found human ashes, bones and corpses. These were a clear and painful testimony of the massacre. There were many survivors including children who were suffering from diseases and starvation.

For Nazi mass murder survivors, pain and devastation was evident in their faces. Even as they came out of the camps, rebuilding their lives was a daunting task. They feared for their lives and suffered from trauma. There were anti-Jewish riots across Poland and many parts of Europe.

42 other Jewish people were killed and others were severely beaten leading to emigration of thousands of survivors. Many Jewish people had to flee to the Great Britain and the US.

When holocaust and World War II stated, a final and lasting solution had to be sought. It is important to note that many guards had to come to terms with the killing of Jews. As a result, many were not on duty to fight Germans as in the case of World War I. Materials and gas chambers used to build concentration camps were not available.

The population of Central Europe was therefore reduced. It had few Gypsies and Jews. Civilization and culture in Europe was drastically affected. The area is less diverse than it would have been is Jewish population was not reduced.

The Red Army also had to approach from Patton, Bradley and Patton. They had to move Jews to death camps following an order by Hitler. His hatred for Jewish people was very evident but even so, this event led to the final stages of Holocaust.

There was also unintended effect of holocaust following liberation of Death Camps by Allies. Allied soldiers from Jewish community were not pleased with what Germans were doing. Therefore, they stopped taking care of German prisoners from Waffen SS and instead, they started executing them.

Due to holocaust, the Nazis failed to utilize slave labor for production purposes. They utilized Jews for death through work. It was an inefficient form of slave labor and in the end it was counterproductive.

Jewish people also managed to escape from Death camps as well as walled off ghettos. They formed strong partisan bands for sabotage and to stymie the war machine of the Nazis. Therefore, there were divisions of German soldiers and they had to engage behind war lines instead of the Front. The soldiers who were loyal to Hitler had to fight the partisans as opposed to protecting Omaha beach and taking Stalingrad.

A significant reaction following the horror of holocaust has remained in the minds of many Germans. There is Guilt among Germans and a clear distortion in history teachings across Europe.

British influence in Germany and many parts of Europe also reduced. USSR and USA cooperated in ending British rule or mandate in the region. It therefore worked hard to establish an independent Israel. This became easier because many Jewish survivors were more than willing to lead an independent life.

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