Sample Essay on Importance of Agriculture in Rural Development

Importance of Agriculture in Rural Development

Agricultural plays a crucial role in rural development as it helps eradicate hunger and poverty. 3 in every 4 people in developing countries live in the countryside. Majority of them depend on agriculture directly or indirectly in order to survive. Women, especially play an important role in the production, processing and commercialization of food.

Development of agriculture makes a difference in the lives of over a billion people mostly women and also contributes to economic growth while reducing poverty and eradicating food insecurity. The European Union in particular justified the Common

Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the EU and the contribution it plays in creation of viable rural communities. Maintaining rural communities that are viable is one among three strategic aims set out by CAP in the Commission’s Communication on the CAP towards 2020 and it justifies certain terms that are aimed at making rural development a success.


Top on the list is maintenance of viable rural communities because farming is an economic activity that is of great importance to them especially in the creation of employment. In addition to this, it also delivers multiple social, territorial, economic and environmental benefits.

Additionally, agriculture also contributed to rural development in the following manner:

  • Increases sustainability and productivity-By investing in good practices of water management, irrigation and strengthening systems for small producers so they can access better seeds, pesticides and fertilizers it is possible to introduce production system that pay off. This in turn leads to better revenue and high crop yields.
  • Better market access-With support, farmers are able to become reliable and efficient suppliers for cities and local markets as well as emerging markets. By investing in small processing businesses that add value and increasing revenue of the poor living in the countryside, agriculture helps in making communities self sufficient.
  • Boosts better governance and capacity development-Through development of agriculture, communities are able to develop and establish better governance which boosts the overall performance of any country. It also boosts coordination between the civil societies, private sectors and the government to coordinate agricultural activities that will lead to high economic performance.

Agriculture also ensures that rural people become self sufficient as they don’t have to rely on the government. They can dedicate their efforts in agriculture and use the revenue collected from the industry to come up with development projects.

Also, through agriculture, rural communities are able to sustain themselves by creating employing eliminating the need of locals to travel to cities looking for employment. Through proper incentives and agricultural practices, rural development is inevitable. Precisely for this reason, all rural areas should be encouraged to actively participate in agricultural activities.

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