Sample Essay on Importance of Mitosis in Living Organisms


There are numerous processes that play great roles in the body of a living organism. Mitosis is one of these crucial processes and it involves a process where a type of cell division which involves a single nuclear division takes place. As a result two identical daughters’ cells are formed.  Mitosis is a fundamental process as it the most basic cycles needed for any type of life sustainability. A living organism cell uses mitosis because not all cells can last for a long time.

Human beings shed millions of skin cells a day of and without mitosis; it is not easy to replace these lost cells. For the mitosis process to be successful, there are several stages that living organism cells have to go through, and they include;

  • Interphase- It is a stage where cells spend of most of their life. in this stage, cell grows to maximum size and performs its normal roles.
  • Prophase- In this stage, the chromatin [a special protein that chromosomes are made up of] condenses into chromosomes. The centriole spilt in this stage and moves to the opposite poles where spindle threads for in-between.
  • Metaphase- This is a mitosis stage whereby chromosomes lie on the equator of the cell and it is attached to the spindle of microfibers by its centromere.
  • Anaphase- At this stage, centromere splits and each chromosome divides into two sister chromatids. These chromatids then move to opposite poles of the cell and shorten the spindle fibers. The chromatids can now assemble at the opposite poles of the cell.
  • Telophase- a nuclear membrane forms around each of the daughter chromosomes gathered at the poles of the cell. They later uncoil to form diffuse chromatin. The cytoplasm then divides through a process known as a cytokinesis.


With knowledge about the several stages of mitosis, it is easy to figure out the significance of this process in living organisms. Here we go;

  1. Mitosis helps in cell development- Many times, living organism loss or shed of certain skin cells and they need to be replaced for an organism to survive. New cells are easily formed through mitosis and they are similar to the cells being replaced. For instance, Red blood cells have a short lifespan in living organism and mitosis helps replace them with new ones.
  2. Development and growth of living organisms is possible through mitosis- This is a vital process that helps increase the number of cells within an organism. A multicellular body is usually developed from a single cell when cell division takes place during mitosis.
  3. Asexual reproduction is also possible through mitosis- Some organisms produce genetically akin offspring through a process known as asexual reproduction. Hydra is one of living organisms that reproduces asexually by budding.
  4. Regeneration of body parts is also possible through mitosis- The production of new cells in the body of a living organism is easy to achieve if the process of mitosis works expectedly. For instance, a starfish can regenerate its lost arms through this process.

Cells are important for the process of mitosis to take place. For instance, the cell nucleus act like a brain to control all cell functions. Hence, through these cells, it is easy for living organism to maintain balance in amount of DNA and RNA content and many other functions.

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