Sample Essay on Importance of the Nile River in Africa

Importance of the Nile River in Africa

There are different rivers in the world. Most of these rivers come with matchless benefits. River Nile is one of the longest and the oldest rivers in world that can be easily found in the historical texts. It begins in Ethiopia and has it courses through the Middle easy via Egypt and into the Mediterranean Sea. Many countries depend on the freshwater from the Nile. In a sense, Nile River is quite important to Africa its population in generation.

Nile River like any other river has its positive and negative impacts. For the many people living within the region, Nile River is a wonder like no other. Its significance can be experienced not only by Africans, but also foreigners who visit the continent. For instance, Egyptians and many other farmers in the nations that rely on Nile indulged into food production and made good money from the imports that they made.

Fishing also helped to counter the need for balanced diets as fish offer protein essential to the body.  With properimages (2) diets malnutrition and deaths of children have been minimal in Egypt and areas across the river. Transportation of farm produces and bulk fishes was not a big issue as water transport was the in-thing for many people living along the river. Through boats and ships, travelling from one region to another regardless of the distance became easy and effective.

Merchants were able to trade through the river leaving behind tax revenues after their expeditions. More so, it made it easy for people to travel from one cite to another at ease and without any shortcomings. Exchange of farm goods and metals or any other non-edible products like clothes or furniture became easy. With increased trade within Africa, Nile also led to development of infrastructures that made life easy and smooth.

River Nile also serves as a great tourism secret or attractions. Being the longest river in the world, many people visit Africa to witness the wonders that may come with the river. Boat riding and races are also common in the river and attract many people from all walks of life. Through taxation and extensive stays in the Nile river basin, the local authorities and governments are able to gain income and revenue taxes that can be used to develop most of these regions in return.

Construction of the Aswan High dam has also made it easy to supply most part of Africa with hydroelectricity. Hence, factories and many other institutions can utilize this energy for daily operations. Hydroelectricity has save government tons of money as it is a non-renewable energy source that comes with many benefits. The dam also helped greatly in controlling floods that have been affecting many people within the region.

Besides being able to enjoy good incomes from their farm produces, Egyptians and many countries around River Nile can also enjoy fresh water than is scarce in many other parts of Africa. To understand more on the importance of Nile river, it is wise to look at its socio-economic and political benefits.

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