Sample Essay on Improving Communication in a Relationship

Improving Communication in a Relationship

Personally, when I joined college, I did not know how to control my temper when handling issues. I did not recognize any sense of humor and neither could I react maturely to the small mistakes. For instance, once in my class session, my tutor assessed my work and claimed that my delivery approach did not please him.

Surprisingly I managed to keep calm when I joined him later in his office for a dialogue. First I was not happy either with the manner he approached me in class. After listening to him without disruption, he realized that he was wrong and apologized after the talk (Le Pla, 2009).

According to the psychologists’ perspective, they reveal that criticisms may have negative effects. These may influence the performance and productivity of an individual. This implies that if an individual on the receiving end fails to take it positively, this may also suppress his career and personal growth. In this regard, it is essential for the parties involved to handle criticism in a mature way. This is vital because it allows individuals to take advantage of the case and learn from it.

To improve communication and foster great relationships, it is significant for parties involved to avoid taking critics as a personal matter. In this situation, individuals need to be good listeners and upgrade their self awareness in handling issues of criticisms. This can be accomplished when one avoids interrupting the conversation and paying attention to the allegations. Additionally, all individuals need to realize the positive effects of criticisms and be part of the culture.

In a criticism scene, it is necessary for a person to gain from it by finding a solution. Instead of accusations, one can ask relevant questions to get a valid response. To foster communication and enhance a good relationship, people should always stick to positivity.




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