Sample Essay on Inefficient Database

Inefficient Database

The problem of inefficient database storage for car dealers is on the rise in the state of Texas. This has led to losses, tax lawsuits, and decline in their appeal to the public. The management information system (MIS) will fix this problem by coming up with a central record to keep  track of all the information related to marketing, sales, and new ventures into different states.

The MIS will help all the car dealers in the state of Texas and neighboring towns. It will provide the car dealers with tools to evaluate the trends in the current market, the number of employees on duty, and the tax records to mention a few. In addition, the car dealers will also be able to manage their departments like procurement, sales, or employment data smoothly.

Texan Consortium is a middle sized IT company based in the heart of Texas. It is involved in the development of databases for banks and other medium scale business institutions. Its competitors include the nearby Texas university ICT directorate, which also provides management information systems. Texan core mission emphasizes on the need for better data storage and management for a prosperous tomorrow. Through the management information system, the central theme of reliable and efficient information storage will be achieved.

Programmers from the company will visit each car dealer working premises and assess the type of program needed for each review and all the dealers’ data from the past, and incorporate it into the MIS. The database will be hosted by the Texan company servers. It will only be accessed by the client or any other person the dealer wishes. Additional information like the company’s history will be added upon client’s request. In so doing, the company will be able to tap small scale businesses, which have continuously been neglected. This will provide Texan with an upper hand since its main competitors only design databases for multinationals.

In regard to the market, not only car dealers but also medium sized businesses will be interested since they will be able to keep track of their records. Adverts will be placed in the state to gain more clients. Malls and gas stations will also have the need for MIS since it will enhance their data storage mechanisms. Once successfully implemented, the shift towards designing MIS for even larger companies like manufacturing will be considered.

The major competitors like the University of Texas do not tap into the local market but designs MIS for large companies. By tapping into the local market and gaining popularity, in it will be the foundation for Texan to even climb a notch higher and design MIS for larger companies or multinationals.

The basis for this technology is programming using databases. The program will rely heavily on the Internet, as that is where the database will be hosted. Once complete, a client will be given a domain name from where he or she can access the information online. The Texan design and production unit will execute this plan. This unit has been involved in the designing of security software for the state in the last three years with overwhelming success. It will be a one-phase plan taking at most three months before execution. A one-week pilot program will be launched to test the efficacy of the designed MIS.