Sample Essay on Instagram Communication Technology

Instagram can be defined as an online communication technology that involves sharing pictures, videos or photos using mobile phones. It can also be described as social networking application that allows the exchange videos and pictures via social platforms such as twitter, facebook and flickr among others. This means that the users of this technology must first take pictures or videos of their choice. Afterwards, they can upload these photos or videos and share them through the various social networks. It should be noted that this technology is limited to certain handsets. Iphone, ipad and Android are some of the handsets supported by this application. Moreover, Instagram allows a 15 second duration for videos and has filter features that enables users to transform pictures. Therefore, it is a beautiful and fast means to share life experiences with family and friends.

Instagram digital technological advancement has been widely used by public relation professionals. According to recent statistics, more than half of its users access the service on a daily basis. Moreover, Instagram has a higher engagement level than facebook globally. Today, public relation professionals use this technology to perform various tasks such as: event promotions, introduction of new products and announcement of corporate awards or hires. For example, an organization can post photos and videos showing how a new product works via the site. Awards can also be highlighted through this technology. Additionally, this mobile application has enabled organizations to raise awareness in the public domain concerning issues that affect them. This is possible through interaction and engagement from the shared pictures and videos. For example, an organization can create hash tag for environmental sanity.

Therefore, Instagram mobile technology has greatly helped organizations in campaign awareness and new product launch since it is fun to use and fast.