Sample Essay on Instructional Design and Technology

Instructional Design and Technology

Dr. Reiseris delivered a lecture by addressing ten trends  that were likely to affect deigners and instructional technologists in future. These two aspects need integration of both media and design procedures to generate a development in performance. This implies that the form of technology that could be incorporated in performance improvement system will not have any influence until when individuals practice the skills.

A constructivist strategy to order is one of the tactics that can be used to depict significance to accomplish tasks and enhance skills. Social learning is also relevant in this venture when it enhances efficiency among instructors. This is to advance informal learning. In addition, facilities such as educational games will also assists in the instruction sector. In his lecture, Reiser revealed that there is need for individuals to implement ways to boost performance. This is because vital areas such as tuition design keep changing constantly.

He articulates various methods that tutors and learners can embrace to advance the manner in which they deliver and receive instructions. The speaker also reveals about challenges that are evident in this field. At first, Reiser begins by defining tuition design and touches on aspects of learning teaching and progress in performance. This lecture does not need an individual to have skills in the field of tuition design. Reiser adds that parts of the lecture that needs attention are one that relates to science.

This lecture is available in this You Tube link; or The site is educative because it enlightens individuals on the expertise they can gain when they embrace tuition design. Individuals will learn on ways to integrate technology to boost performance system. This is via educational games, social and online studies. Furthermore, it also creates awareness to individuals concerning the field of science.


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