Sample Essay on Integrity and Professionalism

Integrity and Professionalism

Integrity and professionalism are the pillars of doctoral research. Integrity entails commitment even in bad times to ensure that the credibility of the study process is not messed up. Therefore, it is important and very critical since the researchers involved in the study can only innovate and flourish when the members of its group act as one in ensuring at atmosphere that enhances trust and confidence in their findings. It can also promote the free and fair exchange of ideas and materials for the study amongst the researchers. Besides, when integrity is applied in a study, it upholds both corporate and personal accountability. It will also help in facilitating respect and acknowledgment of intellectual involvement of other people in the community. Professionalism will enable the doctors to make informed decisions in complex issues in the specialist fields, especially when there is lack of sufficient data and also the ability to hold conversations and make conclusions certainly and effectively to both specialists and non-specialist audiences (Sadoff & Robert, 2012).

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There are various avenues to be pursued in adherence to the standards of integrity and professionalism. One is that a person should have a unique set of expertise and skills in their area of specialization. The validity of such expertise should also be maintained through continuous training. Another avenue is having the commitment and ability to perform a variety of activities that are considered acceptable by other influential groups in that profession. Besides, a person should work and behave in a way that is ideal to an individual purporting to have the knowledge of the applicable profession. For example, in medicine, there traits will include personal hygiene and cleanliness, proper standards of dressing and appearance as well as speech and personal conduct. All this contribute to a respectable standard (Steneck, 2008).

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