Sample Essay on Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Intermittent explosive disorder refers to a behavioral disorder that is characterized by anger expressions that are usually extreme and often uncontrollable. The range is disproportionate to situation that the person is facing. The impulsive aggression depicted by the sufferer is unpremeditated and usually defined by disproportionate reaction to provocation whether perceived or real. There are individuals who are reportedly affective to changes before the outburst such as mood changes, tension and energy changes.

This disorder is categorized under disruptive, conduct and impulse-control disorders category by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. This disorder is not easy to characterize and it exhibits comorbidity with the other mood disorders especially bipolar disorder.

Individuals who have been diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder report the outbursts saying that they are brief usually lasting for not more than an hour with varying bodily symptoms. These include stuttering, palpitations, twitching, chest tightness and sweating. These symptoms have been reported in one out of three of the patients with this disorder. Aggressive acts are commonly reported and they are often accompanied by a relief sensation and pleasure in some cases. However, they are later followed by remorse.

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People with intermittent explosive disorder engage in repeated episodes of aggressive, impulsive, angry and violent behavior as well as verbal outbursts. They throw domestic objects at the person who they allege have offended them and they can even attack them or their possessions. They often cause property damage and bodily injuries during the outbursts. However, these individuals feel embarrassed, regret or remorse.

There is evidence that suggests that intermittent explosive disorder can predispose towards anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse disorders and depression by increasing experiences of a stressful life such as divorce and financial problems. Intermittent explosive disorder can be identified through school based programs that prevent violence. Researchers propose that when diagnosed early, treatment can be provided preventing some psychopathology that is associated with it.

Despite having seen professionals for treatment of emotional problems, only 11.7% had their anger treated. The latest prevalence estimates of the disorder are higher than those of the previous studies by researchers consider the estimates conservative. For instance, outbursts of anger for bipolar individuals which usually overlaps between intermittent explosive disorder and other illnesses that is associated with the impulsive violence including borderline personality and antisocial disorders were excluded.

Current estimates show that intermittent explosive disorder affects about 7.3% of adults with 11.5 to 16 million Americans suffering from the disorder at some point in their lifetimes.

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