Sample Essay on Job Promotion Acceptance Speech

 Job Promotion

I gratefully and humbly accept the decision by the company to offer me a promotion to a higher rank in our department. It has been my hope to grow to the next career level and I believed it is achievable to emerge a winner in everything I do. I would, most importantly love to state that the news came in as a big surprise for me especially because truly speaking; I was not expecting such a promotion soon.

Additionally, I cannot hide the fact that I am happy and proud because I now feel my endeavor in several years I have been working for the organization has been satisfactory and offered positive results. I also thank God for the company director not forgetting my boss who has always treated me as a pupil, son and friend since I set foot in the organization.

It is therefore my promise that I will continue working hard towards the success of the organization and will not let down anyone of you (Mack & Radio 23). I also believe that the position comes with great responsibility and even so, it is an incredible opportunity for me to demonstrate my abilities and whatever I have learnt.

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I also assure you that I will never disappoint in my work and promise to work extra hard for the organization and my colleagues. I also express my gratitude to my workmates who in one way or another contributed to my attainment and acceptance of my new promotion. To the General Manager, I send my special gratitude because you never hesitated giving me a promotion.

Similarly, I cannot forget to mention the Human Resource Manager who also ensured the promotion was made possible sooner than I expected it. I also appreciate my former boss or supervisor, co-workers, friends and everybody else for sharing with me in this great opportunity and joy in my career. I promise that I am going to work efficiently towards realization of company goals in my new position. Thank you in advance.


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