Sample Essay on Journal of Violations

Journal of Violations

Sometimes, communication bears a lot of meaning in life and there are numerous cases whereby the inappropriate use of the tool of communication may give a wrong meaning without intention. Recently, during an invitation for a job interview as an assistant IT Manager in one of the local companies, I was unable to arrive at the venue for the interview in time, and this bothered me. However, I found the interviewing panel and the room already set up on arrival. As I entered the room, I immediately shook hand with the members of the panel and took a set at my reserved seat with an apology for not arriving on time duet to travel shortcomings. As I went on talking, some of the members of the interviewing panel gave nods with their heads indicating that they agreed with the fact that traffic jam can really interfere with a person’s schedule, after which I introduced myself.

In the introduction, I used a verbal skill called opening a communication, for instance, handshakes, introducing myself and giving an apology, which significantly enhanced the communication process. This skill entails formalities and greetings that are associated with formal greetings. The use of this skill encourages continuous communication and reduces the chances of losing contact with recipient or even worse, showing a blank face. The nod is essential since it gives me the urge to keep communicating, since it is a gesture of interest in the message that I am passing on. This is a non-verbal communication referred to as Reinforcement, which entails the use of words of encouragement accompanied by non-verbal gestures like maintenance of eye contact, and warm facial expressions that enhances the openness in other people.

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Later, the interviewing panel asked if I was formerly employed, and if so they inquired about the particular responsibilities that were bestowed upon me. This was to also include giving reasons why I had an interest in getting employed by the company, and the improvements that would be expected from me in case I was successful. In the process of explaining myself, I asked for clarifications on the questions asked as the panelists smiled and nodded. In this case, Questioning is applied as a verbal skill that involves the use of open and closed questions in order to get information and test the understanding of a person. Closed questions (should be replied with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers) can be used in order to limit the extent of the response. On the other hand, open-ended questions give the respondent a wider scope of response and also allow him or her to give elaborations, explanations or illustrations of their personal understanding of the subject. This ensures the extraction of more details and clarifications on issues. By giving the details of my past employment, I used the verbal skill of Reflecting and Clarifying information by paraphrasing subjects.

The smiles from the panelists portrayed the use of affect display, which refers to a behavior that physically shows the emotions of an individual. They were happy with the way in which I presented my ideas or found the explanations to be amusing. Regulators that refer to gestures accompanied by short sounds from the interviewing panel members like ‘mmmmh,’ and ‘uh-huh’ gave the impression of interest and encouragement. At the end of the interview, I thanked the panelists for their time listening to me, and I was happy that they did not notice me biting my fingernails in the process of the interview. Closing a Communication is a verbal communication skill that is applied in giving appreciation for efforts. In this instance, it has been used in wrapping up the conversation. The act of biting my fingernails is a non-verbal skill called Adapter that gives an illustration of nervousness. These are body movements or gestures that include but are not limited to, scratching of the head while talking to portray a state of indecisiveness, or adjusting loosely hanging pair of sunglasses to show a rekindled concentration on a conversation or a person.

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