Sample Essay on Key Success Factors for Specialty Coffee

Key Success Factors for Specialty Coffee

The specialty coffee industry is one that attracts a large number of coffee admirers. It is proving to be a big business but one that needs investors who work smart, hard and are able to get all the information needed in order to establish factors that contribute to success while operating in the industry. Ideally, some of these are as highlighted below:

  • Product-For specialty coffee to be a major success, it is important to first off, make reasonable claims about the quality of coffee on offer. For instance, one needs to prove they have the most special proprietary blend or baristas or on site roasters that can make even some of the highly professed haters of coffee to settle for their lattes. Customers need to know they ate getting their favorite beverage and it will match and exceed their expectations.
  • Customers-Not everyone is into specialty coffee and having a coffee business in the busiest street does not necessarily translates to a high number of customers. The idea is to find a location where people love coffee and set up shop there to   keep the business profitable. This will also mean finding ways to keep customers happy so they can spread the word about the great specialty coffee been offered.
  • Marketing-Serving great specialty coffee is great but efforts should not stop at that. It is important to ensure that the business is well known and this can only be achieved through marketing. Social media and loyalty cards marketing are some of the ways of attracting customers and providing quality specialty coffee at prices that are affordable. By letting people know about the coffee, it becomes easier to make them interested in the product and then, it is up to the specialty coffee on offer to take care of the rest.
  • Keeping it fresh-It does no harm to change constituents of popular coffee brands to give them an appeal that is new and fresh. Keeping the product line always fresh is a great attraction to consumers and also a key to ensure they keep returning for more.
  • Employees- Like any other type of business, the frontline employees are the prime connection between specialty coffee and the customer. Employees not only help make coffee but they also help determine the business culture. It does not pay off to spend a great amount of money on specialty coffee if the individual making the cup doesn’t grind the coffee beans properly. Consequently, it is important to ensure one has a pleasant salesperson or barista in order to guarantee success.

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