Sample Essay on Leadership Studies

Leadership Studies


The current work environment poses diverse challenges that undermine the functions of the executive. High performers often exhibit high level leadership characteristics as well as a strong sense of self drive. They not only comprehend the nature of challenges that they encounter but also possess sufficient skills, knowledge, and expertise to effectively address them. Such individuals often have unique capabilities with some of their strengths being their flexibility and adaptability. Of utmost importance is the fact that these individuals often welcome new ideas and are capable of easily addressing emerging concerns. These abilities and qualifications enable them to navigate the problematic social and economic environments without necessarily compromising on the full benefits as well as opportunities that a particular setting presents. For these individuals, leadership skills are imperative as they can offer a clear sense of self direction. To this effect, this paper will delve deeper into my leadership interests, capacities, and vision and also highlight the distinctive techniques that I intend to use in order to further develop my leadership capacities.

Leadership Interests and Capacities

I intend to establish and operate a successful corporate business in the future, and as the sole owner of this enterprise, I will have to manage employees from multicultural backgrounds. It is my desire to become the most successful leader of my business entity and I am aware that every successful organization usually acknowledges the essence of partnering with one other in enhancing performance levels. As a matter of fact, it is impossible for modern day organizations to operate independently (Wheatley, 2009). This is because they need to seek assistance from other organizations so as to operate more effectively. It would thus be imperative to place a lot of emphasis on establishing mutually beneficial relations with other corporations as well. To achieve this, there is need to understand the nature and purpose of these organizations and I expect to gain practical leadership skills and knowledge from this learning process .

I am well aware that successful organizations rely on their leaders for guidance and direction. Due to my credibility and integrity, I believe that I will be in a position to offer the best kind of leadership because these qualities will be essential in helping me to handle the diverse challenges at the work place in an objective manner. Without a doubt, employees in a multicultural work setting will often experience conflicts due to their diverse attitudes, interests, abilities, beliefs, and practices. Through leadership education, I have amassed the skills and knowledge necessary for handling workplace conflicts effectively. Such practice is essential in ensuring justice and fairness at the work place (Wheatley, 2009). In the face of conflict, I believe I will be able to help my employees to resolve their issues and also maintain a conducive working environment. I will also nurture their trust by making sure that I fulfill all my promises to them and addressing their problems accordingly. Additionally, I intend to set achievable goals for both the individual employees and the organization at large.

My optimism and positive attitude in the face of adversity are also ideal attributes that I consider useful in leading my organization. With such a high turbulence in the current corporate environment, leaders ought to exercise a high degree of optimism so that they can be able to address challenges and still perform well. Specifically, it is quite important to exercise optimism as it can help to inspire my employees as well. Generally, motivated employees tend to perceive problems positively and actually consider them as potential opportunities for growth and development and I will use this aspect to foster a learning culture within my organization and develop idyllic skills and expertise. In the long run, this can be beneficial for the organization, especially considering that the highly dynamic corporate environment. Inevitably, my dedicated workforce will remain diligent and dedicated to achieving both their individual and organizational goals because of the optimism and motivation. My optimism will also also come in handy when handling matter such as staff turnover which have the potential to harm the wellbeing of the organization and result in the wastage of resources.

Hard work and commitment are other vital abilities that will help me to steer my organization in the right direction. I am naturally a hard-working person who is very focused  and through leadership training, I have learnt the importance of setting quality goals and dedicating my time to achieve them. From a theoretical perspective, Northouse (2013) asserts that in many leaders the quality of hard work  tends to be matched equally with commitment and ambition. I intend to commit myself fully in order to make sure that my organization broadens its operations to both national and regional spheres. In combination with my persistence, these attributes will enable me to fulfill both my individual and organizational goals. Of importance as well is the fact that this will compel me to focus on sustainable growth and developments which will entail appreciating the contributions of my employees to the wellbeing of the organization.

Finally, some of the key desirable leadership qualities are strong interpersonal and communication skills and these can empower me to drive my organization towards sustainable development. In this regard, I am capable of establishing and nurturing strong and positive relationships at all levels and I understand only too well that my organization will be composed of a social environment where various individuals from diverse backgrounds will be working together for the common good. To attain this common good and any goals set, these employees will require the cooperation of their co workers as well as my direction. I will therefore seek to establish and maintain a conducive working atmosphere that is devoid of unnecessary conflicts. In order to develop such an environment I will have to establish effective communication and my superb communication skills, will come in handy in ensuring constant flow of information and sharing. Wheatley (2009) asserts that information flow and sharing fosters understanding and also empowers the employees such that they act on informed decisions. Ultimately, it helps to eliminate sources and incidences of conflicts that may negatively affect employee performance and overall productivity within the organizations.

Leadership Vision

In terms of leadership vision, I will seek to enhance the capacities of organizations as well as individuals in order to empower them so that they can deal with change in a proactive manner. This is founded upon the recognition and acknowledgement that modern day organizations face challenges that are complex and dynamic in nature. Furthermore, the implications that such challenges may have on the wellbeing of both the employees and organizations are far reaching and this has been blamed for obstructing entrepreneurs from venturing into businesses successfully. Building the capacities of both individuals and organizations is a sustainable way of empowering them to handle change effectively (Northouse, 2013). Skills learnt from capacity building programs are essential in applying creative and critical thinking when faced with challenging situations at the workplace. Tailored solutions and personalized attention are necessary especially considering the complexity of most of the problems. Through education and training in leadership, individuals at all levels are empowered and given the sole responsibility of addressing the concerns that they encounter. When faced with the challenging scenarios, they ought to understand that conventional models may not suitably address the concerns at hand in an effective manner hence the need to formulate feasible solutions that are best suited for resolving emergent concerns with ease.

Developing Leadership Capacities

At this point, it is important to note that in the face of the current corporate environment, the concept of leadership cannot be static. Instead, it assumes a dynamic shape and evolves with the changing needs of the corporate world. Therefore, I will have no choice but to undertake practices that aim at enhancing my leadership competencies and building my capacities to desirable levels at all times. To this effect, I will have to pursue further studies in the field of leadership and upon my completion of undergraduate studies, I intend to further my education to the Master’s level. Considering the fundamental importance of education in improving capacities and expertise, I will focus on business management and related courses so that I attain specialized skills in my field of specification.

Additionally, I will examine and re-examine my leadership style with the aim of identifying weaknesses that undermine credible organizational management. According to Northouse (2013), well-regarded tools including the Personal Motivation and Engagement Tool, Myers Briggs Type Indicator Tool and the DISC Tool are effective in evaluation of the credibility of different leadership styles. Specifically, these tools are designed to enable leaders to comprehend their behaviors, value systems and problem solving tendencies. Information gained from such tools empowers them to identify areas that derail management and initiate important communication procedures that can help them to improve accordingly. Essentially, leaders can make objective decisions through the results of self analyses, especially with regard to improving their performance.

I will also welcome external critical reviews on my leadership activities in a bid to improve my leadership. I will do this by gathering observations from external parties with regard to my leadership capacities and any shortcomings. Northouse (2013) asserts that leadership that is refined from different points of view yields better results. Since I intend to establish trustworthy relations with certain individuals within the organization from the onset, I am positive of obtaining objective, honest and worthwhile feedback through external review process. In order to make this review process as beneficial as possible, it will be imperative for me to take into account the perceptions of respected mentors, colleagues, and/or coaches.

Finally, it is my plan to enhance my leadership capacities through establishing a work place environment that supports teamwork initiatives. This will entail fostering a secure environment that facilitates and encourages honest and open discussions at all times even with regard to complex issues. It is commonly agreed that in many cases leaders tend to be blind when it comes to their leadership weaknesses and shortcomings. However, I intend to use these forums to gain insightful information regarding the ideal leadership from the perspectives of my employees who I believe will have competencies in various fields and hence comprehend the requirements and dynamics of these particular fields. By learning from them, I will be able to adopt leadership styles that effectively address the needs of my organization. The inherent information sharing will certainly be geared towards building capacities and enhancing performance in the process.


Leaders who thrive in spite of the current challenges faced within the work environment possess sufficient skills and competencies. They further comprehend the nature of the business environment and devise feasible means through which they can address the anticipated challenges in a timely and effective manner. When I complete my undergraduate studies, I am personally interested in establishing a successful corporate entity with a diverse work force. Since I will be responsible for leading this work force, I will have to employ my abilities including integrity, credibility, optimism, commitment, hard work, and dedication, in order to inspire my teams and make sure that they uphold optimal performance at all times. My leadership vision will entail improving the capacities of personnel and organizations to empower them so that they can handle the emergent challenges proactively. My plans are to enhance my leadership capacities by acquiring further education, training, and also receiving critical reviews from credible sources. Most importantly, I intend to establish a conducive working environment for my employees by not only maintaining effective communication, but also gaining from the feedback of subordinates and mentors.

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