Sample Essay on Learning to ride a bike to learning to drive a car

Learning to ride a bike to learning to drive a car

Having the required skills, riding a bike and driving a car can be very comforting and easy. The two are means of transport that enables one to reach destinations conveniently and fast. Knowing and mastering the art of riding or driving is the most problematic/difficult portion that requires time devotion. In both, the attention of the rider or driver knowledge of the direction and courage is needed. Riding and driving portray similarities and differences in terms of risk in usage, speed and energy levels, which form the basis of the thesis statement.

To many people, learning how to ride a bike is very easy and simple, and that all that one need is to practice pedaling which is not the case. The person riding has a whole bunch to worry about including the height, weight, rider’s safety and balance. Compared to a car, the chances of falling off are high making it more harmful to ride than to drive.

In terms of manpower, riding a bike is more exhausting than driving. With a car, you only have to place your foot on the pedals and take the control. Bikes do not have such capabilities nor do they have engines, and therefore, one is forced to use a lot of force and balance when riding which involves much risk.

Learning to drive is simpler because of the additional mirrors that guide the driver. The guardian or instructor stays in the vehicle and helps the driver on how to control the vehicle in terms of gear usage, fuel balancing and general vehicle balancing unlike in bike riding. Comparatively, the bike is smaller compared to a car. Bikes travel slower but can be rode in any road, pavement or lugged areas unlike a car, which is limited to its width.

In terms of similarities, both a car and a bike require the input of the controllers in term of eye coordination, balance and estimation skills. In both, the driver or rider has the control of the machinery and veers it the direction they want them go. In both, courage is supreme and stable cognitive ability is required to safe drive.

In conclusion, riders and drivers learning to control these devices should have adequate skills to enable them take better control. Both the car and the bike require different riding experiences and are risky.