Sample Essay on Legalization of Guns

 Legalization of Guns

Legalization of guns is one of the widely debated topics in the world. Today, there are many people out there who possess guns. In many occasion, guns have been seen as the criminal element of the society. In many countries, possession of guns is seen as a means of self-defense for every citizen. In a sense, there is a deep history on the legalization of guns in the world. This goes back to historical times when war of independence was fought by the people of a certain country.

Each century has seen the development of more advanced and high quality weapons. However, the great expansion and growth of cities or countries in the 19th century has led to increased crimes and multiple threats from marauding tribes from different countries and even carnivorous animals. This led to the emergence of a deeply rooted gun culture. Children and women also have been required to know how to operate guns as great way to protect on another. Hence, the earn desire for legalization of guns.

Evidently, for more than 200 years, the need for weapons for the purpose of self-defense has drastically reduced. This has all been due to the many effects of possession and legalization of guns. Guns in parts of the world like US have become a part of the national identity with everybody in the country owning a gun legally or illegally. The subject of legalization of guns has generated social and political debate with United States and other parts of the world.

A lot of tragedies have been reported now and then. A lot has also been said about concealed weapons. Nevertheless, Proofreading-Editingit is upon the government and the people to stop violence and use of guns illegally.  According to a Small Arms Survey poll, there are 88 guns for every 100 people in the US. 67% of all homicides in the US are related to gun violence and more so possession of illegal guns. In the United Kingdom the corresponding figure is 6 per 100 people. When it comes to developing countries, the figure has decreased across the world.

The law that is used to determine ownership of guns is called the gun control law. This is a law that determines whether citizens can own a gun or not. Guns should be owned by individuals who intended to use guns when in need to express self-defense, but not for crimes. There are some arguments that favor legalization of guns.  The first and most common issue is the self-defense argument.

Unfortunately, the availability of illegal guns and their proliferation in the American culture has brought a lot of complications.  Many people who lobby behind the need for legalized gun say that it is their constitutional right to own guns. Luckily, the gun law has helped restrict the number of guns afloat in the system and being used against innocent citizens. Use of guns for sporting and hunting as also become a favorite sport in US and so many people are getting guns for these purpose.

When it comes to the cons of legalization of guns, banning guns will make them disappear with time and hard for many people to protect themselves. Guns do not kill people and so banning them will lead to availability of smuggled guns and others that have been stolen from registered owners.  Reasonable gun control and education steps can aid reduce crimes associated with possession of illegalized guns. In addition, citizens in every country should abide to set rules and laws for using guns.

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