Sample Essay on Literacy Socialization Assignment

Literacy Socialization Assignment

During my childhood, reading was made possible by my friends and also my parents to some extents. Animal toys were bought by my parents for all children for purposes of entertainment. In most cases, these were toys of domestic animals. We used to organize different play sessions during which we could match animals with the sounds that they make. During the sessions, every child was required to produce a sound that the animal that she/he had produces. This was very important because it enabled us to differentiate the real world animals and toys. I learnt the names of different animals first through these organized plays that I had with friends. Additionally, rather than reading different bedtime stories, we used to hold sessions during which we could tell stories. There was a night for everybody to tell a story. The story was to be about different animals or one animal.

Dramatization made these stories interesting. Individuals who had dramatization skills guided us in developing these vital skills. During childhood, my learning was also enhanced by the establishment of alphabetical charts, reading storybooks and spelling bees. I was helped by my parents while reciting alphabets. They also taught me how a pen should be held, how alphabets should be rewritten as well as different words of the pictures. Using spelling bees enabled me to develop my reading skills because I grasped the reading concept by reading several storybooks in my class.

Main town children acquired literacy skills via exposure to different books which made them literate even before they knew how to read. The close relationship that these children had with books was crucial because it made them interested in reading as well as understanding the available information. Roadville children acquired literacy skills by exploring colors, texture and shapes in the environment. Books that were available to them had simple stories about the real life and bible stories that had lessons that were drawn from the environment in which they lived. They told stories during bedtime. Children learnt copying pictures by simply writing or drawing. In Trackton, children were exposed to a complete human environment. Their writing and reading skills were acquired by imitating communication modes in the environment where they lived.


School education and storytelling play a vital role in enhancing comprehension of complex things. The technique of acquiring literacy skills is usually sluggish because the socialization mode requires more than stories that have been orally taped. My experience in literacy acquisition as compared to those of these children is close to that of the Trackton children. In Trackton, parents administer little effort in helping their children as they develop literacy skills. Similarly, my parents concentrated on availing my supplies for school. Although they helped me in writing and reciting alphabets, their focus was never on my level of understanding what read. My teachers and peers were important when it came to developing my writing and oratory skills through reading aloud and stories just like in the Trackton’s children case.

I mastered narrative skills during my preschool time and these were important in differentiating real-life stories from fictionalized stories. I learnt that storytelling entails suspending reality as well as framing old events into an entirely new context. Although I did not learn how objects are labeled, listening to features as well as explaining different concepts combined with my conceptualization ability and the ability to understand difficult terminologies played an important role in my learning at school.

Narratives are important when it comes to cognitive development. They enable a person to learn how to relate the environment and stories in a creative manner. Being able to establish a relationship between objects and words helps in the practice of analogical reasoning. With an elaborate mind, adapting to language creativity by using metaphors, prospects’ regeneration as well as settings and functions’ examination of items in the environment became easy for me.

I will ensure that my children adapt all important aspects of the process of acquiring communicative competence more so during their development stage. I will embrace various aspects that I have learnt from Roadville, Trackton and Main town. This is because the way Main town children are trained in the process of acquiring literacy skills will enable them to establish close relationships with different books. Using this method, my children will be more attentive to books as well as information. Additionally, they will learn how to listen as they wait for their chance to answer questions or to respond. The Roadville community’s technique will be important because it will help my children in relating pictures and colorful decorations with the reality. Communicating with adults will also sharpen the skills of my children more so during bedtime.

Understanding the reality and narratives’ relationship will be vital in labeling and referencing different aspects. By acquiring story telling techniques the way the Trackton children did, my children will know how literacy events should be interpreted in relation to socio-cultural contexts. They will also understand different patterns that include gender issues and care giving roles among other social factors.