Sample Essay on Local Response to Terrorism

Local Response to Terrorism

In response to the US attacks, the government has activated the Catastrophic Index Annex. The affected locations receive federal funds to cater for the catastrophe. In addition, failure to activate the Catastrophic Index Annex only means that the country is violating the rights of its loved ones.

For instance in 2005, Hurricane Katrina strike the Gulf coast. As a result, there was a controversial when it took a long time in assisting the New Orleans citizens in Louisiana. This case of slow response became serious when it led to 1800 deaths in the region. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was blamed for this occurrence. As a body that is supposed to give details about natural disaster that hit US, it delayed in offering help. Contrary to FEMA, the weather unit that was based In Southern states was not timely in giving the accurate reports about Hurricane.

It gave warning messages to the occupants to shift from their residents that were located near the hurricanes to avoid its outcome. In addition, Governor Blanco of Louisiana made it clear that it was compulsory for people in the region to evacuate (Gereski, 2006). However, he failed to provide school buses to the affected residents to ferry residents from calamity to safe regions. Clearly, even if the governor could release the buses, they would not be enough. This is because the emergency buses to be used while small in number to provide efficient services.

I believe that the lives of people should never be taken for granted during emergencies. Furthermore, leaders in authority should respond to such issues very fast to prevent loss of lives. In my opinion, if the national plan response was delivered on time, this could save plenty of lives in Louisiana State.


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