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Mac OS

Apple Computer Inc. also known as Apple Inc. introduced Macintosh personal computer in 1984. It is a computer that had a Macintosh 128k model and it was packed with what was later renamed as Mac OS operating system. The operating system is known for its popularizing graphical user interface.

Mac OS has also ultimately been installed on every computer before it’s sold. The operating system is additionally purchased separately online and other Apple retail stores. Even so, the original Macintosh operating system was somehow closely related to Lisa Operating System. The latter was also a product of Apple and it was popularly known as Lisa computers back in 1983. It was after a contract that enabled Xerox PARC Xerox Alto that Steve Jobs and other Macintosh group members had previewed (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2013).

In 1979, Jef Raskin, realized cheap and simple to use computer systems for the consumers allowing for development of Macintosh. Towards the end of the same year, Raskin began looking for another developer or engineer who was in a position of integrating a prototype. Later on, he was introduced to Burrell Smith by Bill Atkin, an Apple Lisa group member.

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At the beginning of 1981, Jobs took over the project. The final Lisa and Macintosh operating systems included different Xerox Alto concepts even though several elements in the graphical user interface including drag, menu bar and a drop concept, direct manipulation and popup menus were made by Apple. The Mac Rom was also relatively larger with a 64KB compared to other IBM PC that uses only an 8KB system ROM (Etherington, 2013).

The original Mac OS does not use an interface of command line and therefore, it can easily be distinguished from other operating systems (Webinos, 2012). This operating system was also the first to utilize Graphical User Interface. In addition, the operating system has software, Finder that is used in management of files as well as desktop displays since it is integrated in the kernel system.

The two files were included in a folder known as System Folder that held other file sources for example printer drivers because they have to work together with the OS. Even so, Mac OS has been developed over the years and different operating systems have been released. The initial software system from the first to the fourth could execute one application at a time only, but application shells like Servant, MultiMac and Switcher could comfortably operate at the same time. The system also operated on a flat file known as Macintosh File System.

The fifth Mac OS system was also released adding to an extension of MultiFinder and it allowed for execution of various programs at ago. This system was efficient and it operated on a multitasking model where different applications on the background could be given some time when an application in the release generated control. It is also good to note that the system software was the first Macintosh operating system dispensed a combined version of Macintosh system number as per the numbers that were used for the system and Finder files.

System six was also introduced after this system software and it was the Mac OS consolidated release. It also produced a long lasting, complete and stable operating system. Later on, system seven was developed and released and it was a major Mac OS upgrade. This also added a great user interface, new applications, stability enhancements as well as numerous features (Rocklee, 2013). This is also the latest Mac OS version, which has also developed fully Graphical User Interface series.

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