Sample Essay on Management of Hooters

Management of Hooters

The television series ‘Undercover Boss’ revolves around a chief executive who pretends to be a junior worker. His form of disguise has benefited the firm when he gets the opportunity to analyze well the operations of employees. In Hooters restaurant, the CEO Coby Brooks also volunteered to serve in various parts of the restaurant. His reasons were to assess management issues and formulate improved leadership approaches. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate on problems that face employees due to poor management.

According to motivational theory, aspects that benefit a person are not always valuable to entire group. The first issue that the CEO notes in the firm is workers who are not motivated. The key reason for this problem is the unequal distribution of duties. The manager claims that Coby is lazy due to his incapability to complete the job on time. Conversely, Coby claims that the manager is leaving him with plenty of responsibility (Milner 46). This implies that the management fails to be a section of the group when they did not unite to complete tasks with others.

Another issue is that the management subjected employees to a tough working condition. This was contrary to the expectation of workers because they expected to find a work place that would enhance understanding and empathy. Furthermore, the staff in their working environments faces challenges such as over delegation of jobs and micromanagement issues. As a result, this creates a huge gap between the boss and the subordinates at the work place.

Based on the television series, employees revealed that Coby’s father was a good manager. In their perspectives, he cared about their working condition in contrast to Coby. Clearly, Hooters is undergoing a challenge of assigning duties equally. The management needs to be part of daily operation via effective communication.



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