Sample Essay on Metabolism Disorders

Metabolism Disorders

Metabolism is the breakdown of food into simpler components such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It is a process that involves transformation of excess nitrogen into waste products excreted into urine or conversion of chemicals into other substance and transporting them inside body cells. Metabolism is an organized process, but also a chaotic chemical assembly line. Not all times that the metabolism process is smooth. Metabolism disorders occur when the normal process of the body of living organism become disrupted.

Metabolism disorders exist and they are highly complex and rare. More research is being conducted to determine and understand the underlying causes of common problems facing living organisms. Disorders in metabolism can be inherited as known as inborn errors of metabolism or they may be acquired. Metabolism disorders can also occur as a result of cancer, liver or respiratory failure, pulmonary disease and HIV/AIDS.

There are different types of metabolism disorders affecting many people globally. Diabetes is one of the common metabolic disease affecting approximately 26 million people in America only. This means that, there is a large population suffering from this complex metabolic disorder globally.  Phenylketonuria is a type of inherited metabolic disorder that is characterized by an inability to break down a few blocks of protein and the amino acid phenylalanine.

Another metabolic disorder is Gaucher’s disease. It is a disorder that occurs due to lack of enzyme glucocerebrosidaeProofreading-Editing and affects metabolism of fat that accumulates in the liver bone marrow and spleen. Glucose galactose malabsorption disorder is a defect that occurs in the transport of glucose and galactose across the stomach lining and leads to diarrhea and dehydration.

Hereditary hemochromatosis is a disorder where excess iron is deposited in several organs and can lead to liver cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and liver cirrhosis among other conditions. Maple syrup urine disease is the other metabolic disorder that disrupts the metabolism of certain amino acids and leads to rapid degeneration of neurons.

Numerous symptoms are picked out easily from individuals experiencing metabolism disorders. However, these symptoms vary in intensity among individuals.  Due to the fact that metabolic disorders can either be inherited to acquired, their symptoms also vary. Some of the symptoms of metabolic disorders that run through the family include paralysis, frequent infection, body fluids with a maple smell, bone abnormalities, difficulty in thinking or comprehension, loss of vision and muscle twitching. Symptoms of acquired metabolism disorders include fatigue, headache, muscle cramping, nausea, mood changes and shortness of breath.

There are notable causes of metabolism disorders. Some of the inherited causes of metabolism disorders include amino acid disorders, carbohydrates disorders and fatty acid oxidation defects. Other causes of metabolism disorders include diuretic abuse, gout, diabetes, kidney failure, pneumonia, ingestion of toxins in the body and sepsis- a life-threatening bacterial blood infection.

Metabolism disorders can be treated or prevented. Treatment for metabolism disorders starts with seeking medical are from experienced and acknowledged health care practitioner. The approach for treating metabolism diseases depends on the disorder itself. Inherited metabolism disorders are often treated with nutritional support, counselling, physical therapy, periodic assessment and many other incredible supportive care options. When it comes to acquired metabolism disorder treatment includes normalizing the metabolic balance where doctors reverse the cause or administer appropriate medications. Here are more treatments to rely on in case of metabolism disorders and they include bone marrow transplantation, surgery to relieve any pain and symptoms, vitamin supplementation and medications to reduce pain or lower blood sugar. As you seek treatment, make sure that you visit a medical center with experience with such conditions.

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