Sample Essay on Metabolism


Living organisms have to meet many needs in order to survive. There are cells in the body that living organisms have to make sure that they are sustained. Metabolism is simply the set of life-sustaining changes within the cells of living organisms. These are enzyme-catalyzed reactions that make it easy for organisms to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures and respond to their respective environments. Metabolism also refers to chemical reactions that occur in living organisms and they include digestion, transport of substance between different cells.

Metabolism is usually divided into two. We have catabolism where by organic matter is broken down and energy is collated through cellular respiration. Anabolism is the other category that makes it for the living organisms to construct vital components of cell like nucleic acids and proteins. Enzymes are quite essential when it comes to metabolism because they make it easy for organisms to drive desirable reactions that require energy. They act as catalysts to smooth the metabolism process. Metabolic systems are quite essential as they help determine which substances they will find nutritious or poisonous.

One striking feature of metabolism is the similarity of the basic metabolic pathways and elements between different organisms. An effective metabolism is all about processing foold and easily transforming them into chemicals that will aid support the growth of news cells and maintain body tissues. These chemicals in the body will also store energy for future use, heat the body, enable muscles to contact and help release waste products without any complications via skin, kidneys, lungs and intestines.

To ascertain the core benefits of metabolism, there are a number of ways through which you can easily improve your metabolism. Many people think that they should only boost their metabolism because they are dieting. Anytime you increase your muscle, this is a great way to boost your resting metabolic rate. Weightlifting helps consume calories and raises metabolism besides building muscles.  It is easy to improve your metabolism especially if working on how to lose some weight. To get started, understand what metabolism is all about. It is also wise to determine what is influencing your metabolism.

Beware of factors such as heredity, age and weight that influence metabolism. It is also wise to estimate your RMR or resting metabolic rate as it makes it easy to lose weight. Adjusting your diet is the other exceptional way on how to improve your metabolism exceptionally well. Your resting metabolic rate will tell amount of calories that you have to maintain in your body. In addition, it is wise to eat small, but frequent meals.

Increasing body metabolism is one of the ways that you can easily enjoy a healthier life and enjoy every day. Combining all ways of improving metabolism together will help get the best body you may be looking for and try to maintain a better shape. It is wise to seek experts’ aid if stuck in improving body metabolism. Go for experienced physicians and all will be well. Drink a lot of water and rely on foods such as broccoli, lean meats, high fiber foods and fruits and maintain the right metabolism.

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