Sample Essay on Microsoft Competitive Advantage

Microsoft Competitive Advantage

What is a competitive advantage?

A competitive advantage is a strategy that gives an organization the capability to develop and deliver its goals. Most companies rely on their competitive advantages as a means of creating a niche for themselves and also succeeding in competitive business environments.

As a rule, most companies do not rely on a single competitive advantage. Rather, in order to cope with different trends and adversities, companies have several competitive advantages which they exploit in order to succeed in the longer term. In fact, companies may even have to borrow some of their competitors’ strategies and competitive advantages in order to succeed. Hence, competitive advantages can be very dynamic and change with trends as well as times.

Background information on Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is regarded as one of the technology giants in the world. The company has amassed billions of Proofreading-Editingdollars in terms of profits and continues to produce different products for its huge clientele. Over the years, Microsoft Corporation has carved a niche as one of the largest computer and software companies in the world. With average annual revenue of $15 billion and a workforce of over 80,000 employees, this company is regarded as one of the most successful corporate bodies in the world.

The technological industry remains one of the most competitive and many companies struggle for clientele retention and success. Companies have to be innovative and use several strategies in order to make it in this industry. There are several strategies that Microsoft has put in place in order to succeed to these levels.

Competitive advantages of Microsoft

There are diverse strategies that Microsoft has implemented in order to make it in the technological industry. These strategies are diversified depending on the goals and include both internal and external. The following are some of the main competitive advantages that Microsoft has implemented:

  • Human resources management. Microsoft has been lauded for its extraordinary recruitment process. Talented employees are sourced from diversified backgrounds in order to create the highly multicultural workplace that Microsoft has. Additionally, Microsoft also uses huge amounts of resources in training the staffs. The company believes in creating the right set of skills in their employees and this is why it invests in the training and development of its staff. Microsoft also takes reviews and evaluation seriously and employees have to go through performance appraisals and there are rewards for those the employees who perform outstandingly.
  • Client retention. Over time Microsoft has been able to improve its services and the quality of products and this has made it retain the huge clientele it has captured. There are millions of Microsoft product and service users. By updating its products
  • Ubiquity of the company’s service. Many personal computers come already installed with the standardized Microsoft Windows software. This is a competitive advantage that Microsoft has exploited against over the years. The fact that not every company has software this popular makes Microsoft stand out.

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