Sample Essay on MultiTier Architecture

Sample Essay on MultiTier Architecture

MultiTier architecture is a term used in software engineering and it is often referred to as n-tier structure. It is client server architecture in which application processing, data management and presentation functions are separated physically. The three tier architecture is one of most widespread use of this kind of architecture. This Sample Essay on MultiTier Architecture will help you understand whats this is all about.

MultiTier application provides a model by which developers are able to create reusable and flexible applications. Through segregating an application to tiers, developers are able to acquire the option of adding or modifying a specific layer rather than reworking the entire application.

The three tier architecture is basically composed of a data storage tier, presentation tier and a domain logic tier. While the concept of tier and layer is used interchangeably, the most common point of view is the fact that there is a difference indeed.

3-tier application

This is a client server architecture in which the presentation (user interface), data access, computer storage and functional process logic are maintained and developed as independent modules, on separate platforms. John J. Donovan founder of the tools company Open Environment Corporation (OEC) in Cambridge, Massachusetts is the one who developed the concept.

The 3-tier model is best described as a software architecture pattern. Apart from the fact that it is a modular software that has well defined interfaces, the 3-tier structure is intended to make it possible for any of the 3 tiers to be replaced or upgraded independently in response to change in technology or requirements. For instance, a change in the operating system in presentation tier would affect the user interface code only.

The user interface typically runs on a workstation or desktop PC and uses functional process logical and standard graphical user interface that might consist one or more separate modules running on an RDBMS database server or mainframe and application server or a workstation that contains computer data storage logic. The middle tier can be multi-tiered itself.

With maturing of programming models and the necessity for absolute agility within the business environment, it has become extremely important to separate database layer, the user interface and business logic in order to facilitate a rapid respond to requests for maintenance. It is because of the simplicity of the MultiTier architecture that the application is popular.

In old applications, the programs were monolithic a fact that made maintenance error prone, slow and quite complex. Three-tier is often used in web development to refer to websites and especially electronic commerce websites that are built with 3 tiers.

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