Sample Essay on Observing the Engagement in Conversations

Observing the Engagement in Conversations

I made some observations when I saw a group of people conversing about a familiar issue. From the conversation, I noticed that men talk more than girls do. I noticed that the men are confident in their conversation. This trait gives men positive approach towards communication. They communicate effectively by expressing their confidence concerning their knowledge on the topics suggested. I believe the men also talked much more than women due to the frequency of their suggestions. The men are quick at suggesting issues concerning their views. The girls are different since they only express their ideas when asked a question. The girls take a shy perspective towards a given line of conversation. They are not quick at presenting their ideas towards the contributed topic. I also noticed that the girls have some inferiority attitude when they articulate their ideas among men. Such inferior approaches limit the levels of conversations that the girls are ready to show interest.

Staying on the phone is another conversation habit that I observed among the group of interest. Most people in the conversation engaged in phone activities as compared to the normal conversation among peers. Almost all the attention of men was captured on their phones. Most people were busy texting on their phones instead of paying attention to the speakers. Little phone obstruction was observed among the women engaging in the conversation. The group that used phones was much on the texting activities rather than making phone calls. The use of social media was also an issue that affected the concentration of people towards the existing conversation. Most people concentrated on the use of social media as a major obstruction in the use of phones. These facts prove why people stay on their phones instead of partaking in the conversation.