Sample Essay on OCI Consultancy Opportunity

OCI Consultancy Opportunity


 For the OCI to succeed, there are a number of requirements that ought to be fulfilled  Such requirements include the rules and regulations that both applicants and potential clients need to adhere to. First, the OCI needs to enforce a standard fee that will be charged to all customers who will be using the resources of the club and this can be justified by the fact that clients have been taking advantage of the low labor fee hence resulting in negative effect on the reputation of the club to potential clients. This is a factor that has been directly linked to the poor performance of the members of the club.

Secondly, OCI has to establish proper requirement with regards to the qualifications of the applicants. To this effect, there is need for the clubs to establish an interviewing panel that will be in charge of vetting the qualifications of the applicants. The club will have to make sure that before any names are forwarded to potential clients, they are fully vetted and meet the required qualifications. This will be very important in minimizing any incidences of rejection because of teh failure to meet the scope and feasibility of teh criteria set by potential customers.

 Thirdly, OCI has to effectively deal with reputation of the club because this has been a pertinent issue in the failure of the club. Since OCI heavily relies on referrals for business, there is urgent need to improve performance of teh club members who have been so far performing poorly. The poor services offered by members has been a contributing factor to reduced number of referrals and this is mainly because most of the current clients have been dissatisfied with the projects being handled by the members of OCI. This calls for absolute inspection of all the projects in order to facilitate the successful operations of the club. The inspection could be delegated to the management because they are charged with the responsibility of making sure that all the clients receive quality projects. Furthermore, there is need for examining the capacities of members to deliver quality projects and ensure that they offer the highest value of services possible. This can only be ascertained if the club introduces the aspect of specialization in its projects.

Therefore, the management ought to establish policies that will identify the abilities, skills, and talents of different members before deciding and assigning the tasks to different members according to their capabilities of successfully Proofreading-Editingcompleting and delivering high quality results. The club will also have no choice but to enlist the help of professional who will be highly beneficial in monitoring and supervising the projects that are assigned to different members. The club should further foster the member to member supervision as this is an approach that can make it easier to detect poor performers. This will ensure that the club gets rid of the members who are identified as poor performers from different projects of the clients. The organization can further enroll the help of the faculty especially considering that its opinion is held in high esteem by both the OCI members and the local community at large. This is critical especially taking into account the fact that the community offers the club the bulk of its projects. It is not possible to avoid learning disabilities in the organization and therefore the only means of avoiding them is by identifying them and dealing with them (Senge, 2006).

 The club membership is at a critical stage, given the fact that the majority of the experienced members are likely to quit their membership due to the past disappointing experiences that they have been subjected to over the years. OCI will therefore need to provide incentives to the existing members in order to retain them and avoid turnovers. This might entail giving awards to the members who successfully complete their projects. In addition, the club managers and leaders need to hire the members that have displayed high capability in delivery of quality results for the projects assigned (Wheatley, 2008). Furthermore, first year students need to be combined with second year students si that they can work on different projects together and gain experience from the more mature students. This will not only help the first year students to learn faster, but will also enhance networking, which has always been a significant precursor for innovations (Werhance, 2008).

The key elements that have been acknowledged as being critically influential in the success of a business include resilience, self-organization, and hierarchy. For any business to attain success, it must have leaders who capable of applying well informed solutions to any project. This implies that in order for the club to succeed it will need to have good leadership in the top management position as this will be crucial in facilitating the successful completion of quality projects.

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