Sample Essay on Operation Plan

Operation Plan

The organization will use a flexible operating system since it will enhance flexibility in case of any changes or improvements in the web page. Both machine flexibility and router flexibility will be applied to serve different purposes. Machine flexibility will help to change the ability of the computers to provide new services in the web site as need arises. Router flexibility will help to improve the efficiency of the website, and it will ensure that changes are well absorbed into the system (Jorgensen 23).

To develop the website, there will be a need to install internet connections to enhance connectivity. This calls for the need to hire two information and technology technicians. They will help in installing the internet and they will be ensuring connectivity is available at all time by checking on the accessibility and efficiency of the internet settings. A group of experienced and competent engineers will design a website, after which other workers will be hired. There will be five workers in general. I.e. Two information and technology technicians, one marketing personnel and two customer care servants (Kay 28). The number of workers will increase as the website grows. Ten computers will be required for the operators and technicians.

The organization will set up a large office which will accommodate all its workers. The office will be located in one of the universities, and this will call for an agreement with the university to accommodate the organization. The organizers, being IT experts will ensure quality performance from the workers through frequent visiting of the website and going through the customers’ needs and comments (Waite & Mitchell 40). The directors will be actively managing the project by controlling inventory and the operations of the workers. Their expertise and skills will also be applied in the organization to achieve their goals.

There will be intensified promotion of the website through print and broadcast media for the first two months of operation (Kay 56). Social events will also be conducted in the universities and colleges to entice the students to use the website. Hired promotion personnel will be required for this task that will be effected in the second and third month of operation. Regular communication with the customers will also be enhanced through the customer care service.

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