Sample Essay on Opinion Paper: The Use of Embryonic Stem Cells in Medicine

Opinion Paper: The Use of Embryonic Stem Cells in Medicine

Scientists have revealed that stem cells can serve as a cure to different medical conditions. It is for this reason that the advocate of patients should be consulted to encourage scientists to abide by regulations. It is useful to enhance dignity in lives of human beings. In my opinion, I support use of stem cell medicine by everyone in society.

Currently, a lot of hospitals have gathered approximately 400,000 embryos that belong to human beings. This issue has been controversial when it left individuals in dilemma of whether to kill or save the embryos. To handle this situation, it is vital to understand properly the aspect of health among human beings. Scientists have identified the area of cell study that requires support in relation to their ethical guideline.

In my opinion, ethical concerns are essential to keep respect for patients. It is also vital for the society to understand that this procedure does not break the human rights. Furthermore, the value and life of human beings should be protected when handling scientific research that concern human cells. Fortunately, the leading aspect concerning embryonic stem cells is that they incorporate policies that value the lives of people and are inherent.

It is significant for researchers who use human embryos to adhere to strict rules. This implies that individuals who conduct research are not supposed to offer money to owners of the embryos. It is high time for individuals to recognize the need of conducting stem cell research. For instance, the stem cell medication can apply to cure body damages and serious health conditions. In this regard, it is vital to upgrade the quality of human life via use of stem cells to enhance healthy and lasting lives.


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