Sample Essay on Outsourcing Impact on Us Economy

Outsourcing Impact on Us Economy

When it comes to economy of a country, there is a lot to debate about. For a country to guarantee its citizens the best services or good life, the economy should be growing a better rate each year. There are number factors or things that impact the economy of a country. Outsourcing is one the many factors that impact the global economy. In business, outsourcing is the process of contract out business to a third-party. Outsourcing includes both domestic and foreign contact.

Outsourcing has been a hot topic for many years. How outsourcing impacts our economy is a matter of great debate that should always be handled with a lot of caution. The term outsourcing became popular in United States near the turn of 21st century.  Sometimes it involves moving employees and assets from one company to another, but not all the time. It can also be described as a way of handing over control to public services to profits oriented corporation.

Economy of a country cannot be built by a certain group. Every individual has to play a certain role to develop the Proofreading-Editingeconomy without any regrets or complications. For those who embrace political practice, outsourcing will offer a way to save more money for companies, open great entrepreneurship opportunities and offer an opportunity to hold better jobs.

There are many critics on outsourcing that have raised a lot of debates now and then. In essence, many people feel that outsourcing in the US will have immediate effect on the economy as it will easily strip thousands of Americans off jobs that they would confidently perform. This will happen particularly to the semi-skilled and skilled laborers. Employment is always one of the great ways of improving people’s welfare and stripping these groups of their jobs means less revenue to the government of the day.

Taxation is another way through which governments get revenue and aid improve the economy. However, due to outsourcing, companies are taxed differently and this may decrease a corporation’s tax debt and increase federal spending. It is true that outsourcing as led to loss of many jobs and plenty of skilled labor is being outsourced to other countries.

In the middle classes, there are many jobs that are being outsources now and then and especially on the computer and technology world. Inability to find work has made it also challenging to purchase homes, spend money aptly or bring more profit to companies. Many times, when people do not buy, companies that produce different products do not make good money, this trickle down jobs available. Hence, the higher desire to outsource to make things cheaper for customers to pay less.

Those who are supporting outsourcing say that lowering expenses of corporations will create job and present a great way to improve the US economy. Giving workers jobs in less developed countries improves economy and this can work in the US also and increases trade for US products. These countries will also pay debts to US and promote political relationships. Unfortunately, not all outsources jobs are undertaken by the right group. In some cases children may be subjected to these jobs under inhumane conditions. In a sense, outsourcing is not an easy issues and it has to be practiced appropriately. Hence, best outsourcing strategies need to be followed.

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