Sample Essay on Penn State Cooking and Baking Club profile

Penn State Cooking and Baking Club profile

Penn State cooking and baking club is at the forefront in enhancing student learning experience, an objective that it achieves by giving students an out-of-class interactional environment. Through the club, students have an opportunity to share the passion they have for food and explore new recipes together. While working towards its mission of being the leading culinary student organization at Penn State, the club has played a role in promoting creativity and innovativeness of its members. Moreover, the fact that the club brings students together has helped in the promotion of unity and togetherness of students from diverse racial, social, and economic backgrounds.

Purpose of the club

The primary purpose of the club is to provide students of Penn State with the chance to share their passion for food as well as explore new recipes together. Other than helping to enhance student learning experience, the club’s purpose is to help Trader Joe’s by giving wholesale discounts for food products such as cakes and bread. The fact that clubs at Penn State are opened to any student has seen the club record one of the highest memberships at the institution.

How the club was founded

The club was founded by students with a passion for cooking, whose objective was to create the premier culinary student organization at Penn State. Furthermore, it was founded to give its members a gateway to external cooking competitions and venture into the business industry as it distributes its products to organizations dealing with the sale of food commodities such as Trader Joe’s at wholesale discounts.

Potential Interest

The potential interest associated with the club includes the development of students’ talents as well as increasing their participation in unifying activities. When together, students can learn myriads of skills such as how to interact and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. Furthermore, the club can prepare people for future household tasks and the entrepreneurial world as it gives wholesale discounts for most of its products to Trader Joe’s.

Potential Contacts

In learning more about the club, a person can personally visit or contact its officers. The club’s president, Zain Jaffery, and the vice president, Kimberly Kramer, can be found at the Office of Student Activities at Penn State.