Sample Essay on Pension Secured Loans

Pension Secured Loans

Pension secured loans have become increasingly popular in the last decade. With living costs going higher, it has become difficult for people to build long term wealth. Because of this fact, most people feel like the only asset they have is their pension. There are banks that are honoring pension payments to secure collateral loans like mortgages.


In order to enjoy the benefits of pension secured loans, the following requirements have to be met:

  • One must have a good provident or pension fund
  • They should establish their withdrawal benefit currently available in that scheme
  • The property should be in their primary residence. This is because it is not suitable for investment property but rather, designed to assist those interested on purchasing a home.
  • As per the NCA (National Credit Act) requirement, one must be in a position to afford the loan and mortgage bond secured by the pension
  • The loan should be repaid before retirement, resignation from the scheme, selling of property or on death.

Those interested in the pension secure loans are also advised to buy life insurance that covers the duration of the loan. This gives the bank the assurance of getting back its money and proves that incase one should die before they fully pay the loan back, they will still have enough money to offset it.


Additionally, interested parties are also advised to ensure they are in good credit standing as banks might be reticent to allow use of pensions for collateral loans unless one proves they have an excellent track record of paying their debts off.


There are several advantages associated with pension secured ones and they include:

  • Provided one is able to afford the loan and they have sufficient withdrawal benefit available, they can raise the deposit as well as property related costs through use of pension secured loans.
  • It entails separate accounts one been for the mortgage and the other for the pension secured loan.
  • The pension secured and home loan accounts don’t necessarily have to be for similar repayment term. The pension secured loan should be repaid within the shortest time possible in order to release the same burden on the pension.
  • Married coupled can use their partners pension fund or both to get a loan

Because of banks that have the interest of helping people own homes, it is now possible to use pension schemes to obtain loans. However, it is important to note though the loans are outstanding, they affect all areas of finances until one retires.

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