Sample Essay on Personal Development Plan

Personal development plan

Personal SWOT worksheet


·          I am able to communicate with other people well and straight

·         I have a positive thinking about my abilities

·         I have a positive mind towards learning and development

·         I am highly inquisitive

·         I have a complete commitment to ensure the success of clients’ brand


·         I lack self-confidence

·         I am lose tempered

·         I sometime become overwhelmed with stress

·         I am not assertive

·         I always get nervous with new ideas



·         Our organization has always remained highly competitive since our priority is how we treat clients, and this has given me the opportunity to interact, explore and improve my communication skills

·         My position in the management team has allowed me to attend many conferences, and this has always acted towards improving my strategic networking skills

·         I also get most of the opportunity to serve on behalf of senior manager and this has worked a great deal towards my career development.

·         The purchase and installation of communication technologies and computers has eased communication with staff members and clients


·         I work with some staff members who are stronger speakers, and this raises competition for the various position within the organization

·         The recent staff shortages has seen me overworked, hence reducing the impacts of my creativity

·         The company has been experiencing low marketing from the industry because of the slow growth in current economic climate. This has created setbacks in my innovation since the organization now focuses on how to maintain its position in an industry that is almost collapsing.



Personal PEST worksheet

Political factors

·         Government regulations and new policies on internet censorship

·         Government Censoring social medial content and controlling how people used these sites

Economic factors

·         There is a growing need for IT management related careers since the introduction of technology has led to a huge boom in IT business and other related services

The censorship program offers job opportunity in the sense that a person can work with the company censoring the internet The censorship program could affect several web design and development markets, and this may have negative impact on job seekers The growth in IT businesses has opened up employment opportunities. This means that the new IT graduates have a place to work after their graduation The expansion in IT business has seen more people seek IT related course and the number has been growing each year. This means that there is stiff competition in the market for IT related jobs; every organization aims at getting the out of its employees.
Socio-cultural factors

It is now clear that every organization seeks for the best in terms of IT and focuses on transforming areas of production. It is also clear that with every new generation of Technology, there are groups of employees accepting the cultural factors that IT brings. This means that communication platforms like social media are successfully being integrated in our lives. It is therefore true to mention that there is a wide spread acceptance of the use of IT related products as a way of improving our everyday lives

Technological factors

The growth in Technology trends allow for career growth and also adds to existing careers as well as constantly changing the field of management to a more inclusive one. Through technologies, managers find it possible to consult will other staff members over distance and to provide precise solutions to certain rising managerial problems.

The new IT platforms like social media offer new job opportunities for the growing population, and having IT related skills is an added advantage With the introduction of new media platforms, clients have raised concerns related to breach of privacy while at the same time, people have become wary of the extent to which technology replaces existing human workforce The new technologies have come to change career opportunities, expand the scope of employment and improve the general industrial performance. There is a general improvement in organizational productive capacity and control of resources and these are some of the areas that require innovative management. The growth in technology requires constant skill update and that I should always keep pace with the changes in technology so that I cannot become redundant in the career field I have chosen


Opportunity analysis worksheet

Identified opportunity Supporting elements (strengths, PEST trends and events, personal interests) Opposing elements (weaknesses, PEST trends and events)
High competitive advantage on the side of the organization improves the level of interaction with clients hence higher exploration of communication skills I have a strong mastery of communication skills and this improves my interpersonal relationship with clients

On the side of political factors, the government creates an environment that allows for free interaction between transacting parties.

The government controls most social media sites making meaning that most of the transactions conducted through social media are available for retrieval by a third party. This limits communication through social media, which is known to hold an extensive market
Ability to explore different markets and improve my networking skills


My position in the management team is the foundation for networking skills since I have the opportunity to attend several conferences, management forums and many workshops that are related to my career The extreme economic fluctuations limits the organizational budgeting for the conferences, and it is sometimes important to concentrate the little finances in managing the resource than channel them to conferences
Some of the senior staff members going on leave


In most cases, I stand a better chance to work on behalf of senior staff members on leave. This adds to my skills and management experiences By resuming the roles of senior staff members, there is a possibility of an increase in workload, which at times compromises the quality of work or services I provide to the organization
Installation IT systems

has eased communication with staff members and clients


The fact that the organization work on improved IT infrastructure makes communication with staff members and clients more efficient and effective, reduces the cost of communication and also makes interaction with clients more interesting The constant changes in technology, which the organization must adopt requires regular training and improved understanding of the IT infrastructure. These changes have time and cost factors, which at times prevent me from fulfilling my career objectives


Personal development plan worksheet

Name: (Please Insert Your Names) Current position:   Date started:  
Career mission statement (what you intend to accomplish and why)

My key priorities are to develop more self-confidence and courage, to be able to learn to be assertive and also get to control my temper. I believe that with confidence, I can be in a position to blaze new opportunities and act upon them by myself. I will also be in a position to always try new things, which are known to offer more opportunities for success as well as making my life more fun. By being assertive, I will be able to choose for myself and also live on my own terms, command respect from other people, participate and contribute fully towards organizational growth. By controlling my temper, I will be in a position to control my statements and say things that I might not regret later. I will also be able to improve my relationship with clients, staff members and other stakeholders

Major career goals (what you need to accomplish in the medium term to further your mission)

In order to accomplish my career goals, I need to finish reading a book or article on how to develop self-confidence and also apply its principles in my daily encounters. I also need to attend on regular basis and complete a course on anger management in order to control my temper.

Goal: Finish reading a book on self-confidence Target date: Start date: 20/2/2015

Mon, Wed, and Fri 8-9pm

Goal:   Target date:  
Goal: Make similar recommendations to my boss Target date: Start date: 20/2/2015

Tue, Thurs, and Sat 9-10pm

Goal:   Target date:  
Goal: Attend anger management class Target date: Start date: 20/2/2015

Tue, Thurs, and Sun 8-10pm

Goal: Remain calm in when faced with annoying circumstances Target date:  
Skills audit C: I need to improve this skill/competency

D: I need to put in considerable work to develop this skill/competency

E: I need to acquire this skill/competency

A: I have accomplished this skill/I demonstrate high competence

B: I have this skill/competency but some improvements could be made

Skill/competency Rank Skill/competency Rank
Now 6m 1yr 3yr Now 6m 1yr 3yr
Use NLP techniques to develop Confidence: I have accomplished this skill/I demonstrate high competence  



Practice being Assertive: I have this skill/competency but some improvements could be made    

Mediation to develop calm mind: I need to put in considerable work to develop this skill/competency  





Development record

Period from: Oct 20 to May 20.
Key dates What did you do? Why? What did you learn from this? How have/will you use this? Any further action?
20/2/2015, 30/3/2015,


Bought and read  “how to develop confidence” by Joe Smith To be able to develop self-confidence, remain innovative and be able to share now ideas with other team members I learn that the only way to play the role of a successful manager in for one to remain confident on his or her policies and decisions, and without coercion influence other people I have suggested several changes to the organization, some of which have been successfully implemented
20/2/2015, 30/3/2015,


Read books and articles on communicating assertive To be able to believe in my own ideas and be independent I learnt that a person can be independent and still influences the decisions other people make in an organization I have used this skill to influence my own faculties of thinking and to continue with my studies amidst the challenges
20/2/2015, 30/3/2015,


Attended anger management class To be able to relate well with friends, clients and other staff member I learnt that the only way to control anger is for a person to view every situation or circumstance with a lot of positivity I have used the skill to improve my connection with staff members


Action plan

Action plan for the next 12 months
Development goal Action steps Complete by (date) Obstacles/solutions Evaluation
Be able to command confidence Constantly communicate new ideas to other people 12/20/2015 Opposition from team members and other groups of individuals –I have to ignored some personalities and proceed with my actions The response is so far good
Develop the habit of leading in most situations Remain committed to organizational duties 12/20/2015 Some members failing to follow my commands- I have to apply strict organizational rules and at times coerce members to remain focus to the outcomes Positive development is leading skills and good response from members
Remain calm in when faced with annoying circumstances Engage in positive discussions and avoid provocative statements 12/20/2015 Some member using insulting words, engaging in provocative discussions and never wary of performance failure- I have to keep clam in most cases but never relenting Positive improvements though some formal training is still necessary