Sample Essay on Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan

According to me, being admitted to the Regents University in London as a student pursuing global business is a major step and a bridge that will enable me to accomplish my goals in the future. Before joining this university, I was determined to pursue further studies in the field of business administration more so globally. I dreamt of owning and managing a company that operates on a global platform. Once I got a chance to pursue an undergraduate program, I was careful to avoid selecting an irrelevant course. While joining Regents University, I knew that there was a big task ahead of me.

Although one of my major goals was to focus on acquiring entrepreneurial and management skills in order to participate in business at an international level as a company manager and then as a company owners, I knew that I had to achieve several sub-goals before realizing the main goal. Therefore, I decided to work extra hard in different institutions and on different issues. Today, I have learnt that proper reflection on career and academic path is important in mapping out a route for the set goals.

Why I Need Self-Reflection

I now know that self-reflection is very important in academic and career life due to various reasons. First, self-reflection makes self regulation possible which is important in enhancing my efforts towards achieving my goals. I have also learnt that self-reflection enables me to unearth behaviors that might hinder progress in my endeavors. Self-regulation means that I will have to behave in specific ways in order to realize my goals. During self-regulation’s process, I will achieve my set goals from my current position.

Where I Am Now

At the moment, I am trying to complete my global business management degree. I have learnt important elements while pursuing this course. I will focus on these elements. International marketing is one of the elements that I have always focused on. Through this element, I have realized the dynamics of a global market. Additionally, I have acquired cross-cultural communication skills. This element has taught me the essence of globalization in the conglomeration of different cultures. Challenges that arise from the international culture must be overcome by an international undertaking for it to be successful. These cultures and challenges vary between counties. Consequently, international trade players have to be knowledgeable about international cultures and they must also understand proper communication on the basis of cultural demands. When it comes to international communication, I now know the essence of information as well as technology. I know that I can have the world on my hand and that it can also be an expansive and complex territory that presents untapped opportunities.

Nevertheless, these are two different views that depend on how effectively information technology is utilized. Currently, I know that if I grasp technology and information firmly, I will be an effective global communicator. This implies that I can use technology effectively to solve distance-related problems. As such, while managing a company that has production sites offshore, I have to be knowledgeable about the internet, extranets and other communication technologies.

At the moment, I am studying international finance. Though I am not excellent in mathematics, I am studying international finance’s basics. So far, I have realized that the dollar or pound’s value vary on the basis of several issues that include payment balance in a given country. Additionally, I now know how to prepare different financial reports. I am happy because I have not lost track in terms of business management. I now know how the supply chain is managed internationally.  I also know how services and goods pass boundaries via different hands and points. As such, I know the important role played by logistics, suppliers as well as how logistics can generally be managed.

However, there is so much that should be done since the supply chain at the international platform appears complex. This chain requires a person who is a specialist in this field only. Nevertheless, a global scale business manager should be knowledgeable about the management of the supply chain at the global level. This chain includes different mathematics of buying goods, purchased goods’ distribution as well as logistics that are involved in this process. This implies that I should cover the mentioned items so that I can become effective in this area. Nevertheless, I have covered these items except logistics complexities on a global viewpoint. However, I understand the procedures that are involved in purchasing goods from an international perspective.


I also have some experience that I acquired during my internship which lasted for three months. This gave me an idea of the responsibilities that I will have in the future. I was lucky during the internship because I was working in an organization that has offices globally. These offices are managed via a system that applies technology effectively. I was an intern at the logistics and supplies’ section of the Coca Cola Company. I found the logistics’ head very friendly. He was always ready to assist me in my endeavors to accomplish my goals. During my internship, he took me through the logistics software of the company. He also showed me how the company’s events are managed and planned. I also learnt how to coordinate different sellers and suppliers in different places within the country and outside. I also attended virtual conferences. This gave me video conferencing and international communications experience. It also equipped me with skills for managing the software for logistics supply. I hope that I will apply this knowledge in the future. Nevertheless, I was supervised while performing most assignments which show that I am yet to be ready for the big job.

What I Am Good At

On evaluating my current position, I can now tell what I can do properly and what I cannot. I have not acquired peak skills yet but I know areas that I am properly versed with. To realize my vision, I can capitalize on these areas. For instance, I know that I can engage in cross-cultural communication properly. My intention is to engage with foreigners effectively. Majority of my colleagues are global students. I socialize with them comfortably. I do not discriminate or tend to discriminate anyone and I always express my empathy towards them. I also smile when I meet strangers. I am capable of directing conversations so that they can take my desired direction. This implies that I can comfortably market commodities and close deals at an international level. This is very important for me as a manager and entrepreneur in the future.

Additionally, I communicate in international languages that include Chinese, Spanish and English. I also utter greetings in other languages like German and French. This enables me to interact with other international students comfortably. As such, my interpersonal communication skills are good. I can confidently say that I have excellent communication skills because there are times when I listen to people as they speak and analyze their conversations. Before I answer conversations or questions, I usually think first to ensure that what I say is not inflammatory or incongruous. In management and entrepreneurship, effective communication plays a very significant role. As such, I am headed for the right direction.

My organizational skills are also great. Normally, I plan every task in advance. This enables me to avoid wasting time. When planning for the following day, I anticipate adjustments since there are times when things may not go as per my plans. I also budget my resources and time. Despite missing some important things, I have also learnt wise budgeting because I know how important this is as a component of my organizational skills. Using my communication skills, I am able to mobilize people in order to accomplish any task. While on internship, I was organizing sales drives of different countries while managing people. I still have these skills and I only need to improve them. My writing skills are also excellent. Apart from scoring excellent grades in essays, I have also mastered writing and grammar mechanics.

What I need to Improve On

There are competencies and skills that I now know that I should improve. For instance, I should work on numerical skills. My numerical skills are poor and they are the reason why I scored poorly in statistics and finance. I should also learn the art of delegating. While on internship, I was unable to execute simple but vital office duties such as filling. Usually, I am busy with clients and this makes me forget such tasks. Nevertheless, I now know that I can request other interns to help me perform such tasks because they are not always busy. This means that I should learn delegating skills so that I can survive in my working environment that will be busy in the future.

I should also learn prioritizing skills. Despite earning an excellent reputation from peers due to my good sociable skills, I have achieved this while forgetting other important things. As such, I have learnt that I should have a plan that stipulates how I should tackle things every day, week or over a specified period. Additionally, I have learnt that need cash to perform some activities outside and inside the school. I am unable to use part time properly due to lack of adequate finances. As such, I should find means of using my free time to earn money. Students have many opportunities to work during their part time only that I have not been keen to find them.

I should also improve presentation skills. My presentation scores of last year did not impress me. As such, I should know how to come up with beautiful slides as well as how any panel should be addressed. Additionally, I should improve my confidence while addressing any panel during presentations. There are general subjects that I also should work on including statistics. Despite seeing myself as an able leader, I use a purely democratic leadership style. I need to work on this. A good entrepreneur should posses several leadership styles rather than being democratic. Sometimes, one should make vital decisions in order to benefit from a predicament that emerges unexpectedly. Such situations do not require long consultations and debates.

Where I Want To Be

By the time I complete this course, my hope is that I will be getting ‘As’ in my subjects. At that time, I should have acquired and practiced leadership skills effectively on the basis of mixed traits that are important in order to work effectively in different environments. I should also have sharpened numerical skills. Additionally, I should have mastered or perfected presentation skills in order to address and convince the panel effectively. By the time I complete the course, I should also have researched and learnt about different investment opportunities as well as settled on one opportunity. I also need to have saved adequate money to start life after graduating from college and to avoid being a bother to parents.

My hope is that my papers will be a reflection of academic excellence and exemplary behaviors. Additionally, I want to secure an opportunity for a management trainee at Nike Incorporation. This is the company that I dream to work with. Despite being an American firm, the operations of this company are global and this increases my chances of getting an opportunity there. While working with this company, I will start my venture and grow it so that it can become a global organization. Electronic business is my choice and I will capitalize on the emerging markets that include the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.

How I Will Reach My Goal

There are several steps that I should take in order to accomplish my goal. First, I will buy a diary within a week. After this, I will draw the timetable of my studies again and prioritize on presentations and statistics as well as other subjects in which I scored poor grades. While drawing a timetable for my studies, I will set some time aside for a part-time job. After this, I will go to job shops to find out if they have vacancies. By putting extra efforts and having a positive attitude, I am sure that I will get a job in a week’s time. To me, it does not matter even if it will be a restaurant supervisor’s job.

I will also register for the upcoming presentation skills’ workshop so that I can enhance my skills. After this, I will enlist private coaching more so from the lecturer. I will also use the library to learn more on my own. I will perfect my skills in numeracy through regular practice. My decision is to start from the basics of statistics in order to have a better ground. Additionally, I will enroll for free online numerical skills’ tuitions. I will practice every day from 5 am to 6 am.

I will also enroll for a leadership course. There are monthly leadership seminars at the university. I will enroll for them and work extra hard especially in areas that I find difficult. On finishing my course, I will seek professional assistance with my CV in order to draft an excellent CV. After this, I will visit the offices of Nike Incorporation in London to seek internship. I will impress the supervisors during my time there as an intern. This way, I will have higher chances of securing a job there. My target will be the trainee program that takes graduates after every two years.

Probable Hurdles I Am Likely To Encounter

After I start executing my plans, I will have reduced leisure time. This means that I will lose some of my friends. Additionally, I will most probably strain because I will have to work extra hard. At the time when I finish my course, there might be no vacancies at Nike Incorporations. In addition, getting capital to start the business of my dream might also be difficult.

How I Will Overcome These Hurdles

Despite having reduced time for socialization, I will still maintain the company of my friends. I will ensure that I engage with them through the social media websites. I will keep interacting with my friends every now and then. During my part-time job, I will most probably get more friends. In regards to body strain, I will always go to the gym where I will occasionally stretch the body. This way, I will be energized. Although Nike might not have an opportunity when I complete my course, this will not imply that I will not achieve my dream. If that happens, I will work as a volunteer while waiting for a chance to come up in the company. Alternatively, I may join another reputable firm such as Adidas or Coca Cola. In regards to capital, this ought not to be a problem since I can get a bank loan. My guardian will be my guarantor. I belief that this course will give me the resources that I need to overcome the hurdles that I will face in the future. This implies that I will focus on mastering all concepts that will be taught throughout the course.