Sample Essay on Personal Strengths assessment and career planning

Personal Strengths assessment and career planning

There is a point where student assessment complies with the specific criteria for this paper. The student clearly indicates her desired values in life. She demonstrates the way she would affect other people’s lives the way the set rules require. Nevertheless, she fails to recognize values that she has to live by in order to impact on the lives of the others in certain ways.

Instead, she focuses on values and principles that are demonstrated by her life on daily basis. The student is required to state the values that she must live on as well as the ones that she demonstrate in her interactive life in the paper. Success in activities is not obvious for people with good qualities that they demonstrate but the qualities that are demanded for the corresponding activities.

In life, the student is logical due to the reasoning that she applies in relation to her family and her career. She remains optimistic about her weaknesses. Her hope is that she will change as time goes by. This example should be emulated by others. People ought not to allow weaknesses overcome them and take control of their lives. The student complies with the paper’s requirement because she states the effect that the role models have had in her life more so her career path.


The student states the principles and lessons that the army parents that she has taught her. Nevertheless, she provides a general statement regarding their influence on her career path. The student does not depict the role played by the principles and lessons as well as the passion that she acquired from the circumstances. She deduces an introvert character from the assessment tests. This shows her independent attitude. Most importantly, this character adds on the way she keeps things secrete and her preference to work on different tasks alone. The character is good in her career and business field although it can impact on her negatively.

Group work assists in building skills in an individual’s career path. However, it gives people the attitude of being interdependent, more so when group members work on something that requires the contribution of every member. This is also important for building accountant skills. It can also assist her in finding solutions to the problems that she might be unable to solve alone. According to the Strength Finder Assessment, she was ranked as having top-five strengths of creating harmony. She notes that this relates to the professional environment that she is exposed to which discourages workmates from reaching out to her for assistance.

This is insensible since when one has the ability to harmonize people, they should not shy away from seeking her assistance. The student is also required to discuss career vision and self-mentoring separately in the paper. However, the student understood them as a single concept. Currently, she is not passionate about what she is doing although she stated earlier that she is committed to everything that she does and that she excels in it. This depicts self-contradiction.

My recommendation is that the student should uphold the positive principles and values highlighted in this paper during assessment. However, I recommend that the student involve in group work since this will enable her throughout her studies. It will also help her in the career path that she intends to pursue. The implication of this is not that other members of her group will impact on her perfectionism while performing different tasks. Instead, it will add her skills.

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