Sample Essay on Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder

Personality disorder refers to a mental condition whereby a person has got a fixed and unhealthy pattern of thinking and behavior. People who possess this disorder have problems in perception and relating to others and situations. As a result of this, various limitations are faced when it comes to relationships, work, social encounters and even school. In certain cases, those who suffer from personality disorder may not even realize that they do since their ways of thinking and behaviors often look normal to them. Instead, they may turn to blaming other people for the challenges that they face.

Personality disorders often start in teenage years or in early stages of adulthood. These can occur in various forms and there are some that may turn out to be less obvious as age advances. The classification of personality disorders depend on the symptoms and characteristics. However, it should be noted that a person with symptoms of a personality disorder is also likely to possess the signs of an additional disorder.

Forms of personality Disorders

Personality disorders can be categorized in Clusters A, B and C;

  • Cluster A: People with this class of disorder tend to have problems in relating with others and show behaviors that can be described as eccentric and odd.
  • Cluster B: A person with this type of personality disorder struggles with regulating his feelings that often swing between positive and negative. Such people can be described as unpredictable, dramatic and disturbing.
  • Cluster C: People with this condition are often overwhelmed with persistent feelings of fear and anxiety.

Symptoms of Personality Disorder

The main symptoms that one can rely on in order to tell whether they suffering from personality disorder include:

  • Overwhelming attitude towards negative feelings like worthlessness, anxiety, distress or angerProofreading-Editing
  • Lack of emotional connection and avoiding other people with whom you used to share certain things.
  • Trouble in handling negative feelings that may turn out to issuing threats to other people
  • Odd behaviors and actions
  • Difficulty in keeping close ties with friends, family and even careers
  • At times, period of losing contact with the real world.

These symptoms may occur gradually and significantly increase especially when the person is also undergoing stress. It is important to also note that people with personality disorders often develop other mental problems like substance abuse and depression in an effort to avert the symptoms. Personality disorders may be mild, moderate or even more intense. However, patients may at times get back to normal and function well.

Genetic factors and family background are among the causes of personality disorders. However, it has also been established that children who experience abuse and neglect are also likely to develop personality disorders.

Therapies for Personality Disorders

Psychotherapies are the best remedies that have proven to work well for people with personality disorders especially cluster B disorders. Some of the best ones that can be used on patients include mentalisation, Dialectical Behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, and schema focused therapy among others.

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