Sample Essay on Pillars of Islam

Pillars of Islam

Kobeisy (2004) cites that in Islam, the responsibility of five pillars is to grant Muslims morals. It also ensures that individuals who believe in Islamic faith live a pure life that is linked to God’s will. Shahadah is the pioneer pillar of Islamic religion that   aids Muslim to embrace a strong faith in the Islamic religion. This is when they accept that there is only one God who is in existence and He is Allah.

Muslims practice Shahadah to reveal that they only believe in existence of one God. The Kalima reflects the narration that is embraced by all Muslims in relation to the first pillar. It also exhibits the total faith of Muslims that is attributed to one God who is in existence. The second pillar in Islamic religion is Salat or Salah. It exhibits the foundation of Islamic prayer. Individuals of this faith practice this pillar as a symbol of direct connection with Allah via prayer.

Zakat is the third pillar in the Muslim religion. According to Zakat, all Muslims are supposed to be part of alms offering. This is in relation to the wealth that they have accumulated and their capability to give. The purpose of practicing Zakat is to boost the economic status of individuals who live in poverty conditions in the society. In Muslim religion, this is considered to be a great service that is given to Allah. The fourth pillar is Swam, which advocates for all Muslims to fast during Ramadan.

This happens to be the holy month the calendar of the Muslims. In this regard, people engage in fasting to show that they have deep and personal connection with God. In Muslim faith, the fifth pillar is Hajj. This pillar requires all Muslims to pay a visit to Mecca one time in their life. This is to reveal how Muslims completely obey the essential needs in Islamic religion.


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