Sample Essay on Plant Breeding In India

Plant Breeding In India

Scientists have all times worked hard to come up with great ways to improve and increase farm produces. Agriculture is the core source of revenue and income to many nations. It is all about planting and harvesting of plants and rearing of animals. It is a great human invention that continues to impact the society and the environment in general. Plant breeding in India has become a mainstay trend among farmers. It is a branch of agriculture that focuses on manipulating plant heredity to develop new and more improved plant types for daily use.

Planting breeding is all about the science and art of changing characteristics of plants in order to produce plants with desired traits. Plant breeding is possible through use of different techniques that range from simply selecting plants with certain traits for propagation and complex molecular techniques. Plant breeding has been practiced for many years since its introduction during the human civilization and India has played great roles in its development.

Organized agricultural research in India dates back to 1871. The first scientist to grace the agriculture sector in India was an agricultural chemist. A lot of progress in the agriculture sector has been experienced. More infrastructures for agricultural research and general production have been established. This has seen the growth of undertakings such as plant breeding in India. Plant breeders have embraced these new advances in the agriculture sector. With advances in technology, plant breeders have been to produce better and advanced crops. Application and development of biotechnology and trans-genesis have been led to production of better plant breeds.

The India agriculture department has been aggressive and focused chiefly because it has to meet numerous objectives of plant breeding. Essentially, the prime aim of plant breeding is to enhance the characteristics of plants that they become more useful automatically and economically. Here are more objectives of plant breeding or improvement in India;

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  • Higher yields of grain, fodder, fiber, sugar and oil to easily produce hybrid varieties.
  • Improved quality characters of one crop to another especially when it comes to shape, size, color and milling. Works exceptionally well when it comes to wheat, vegetables, protein and legumes.
  • Enhancing agronomic characters such as dwarf, branching erect resistance and fertilizer responsiveness.
  • Helps determinate growth habit in crops such as cotton, pigeon pea and others.
  • Plant breeding makes it easy to have improved plants suitable for different seasons for instance maize which is grown in Rabi and summer seasons.
  • Offers a better way to eliminate toxic substance in plants and make them better and safer for daily consumption.

Plant breeding in India has been one of the greatest discoveries that have made it easy to address national food, feed and nutritional needs. Food is a basic human need and India has played great roles in making sure that its citizens are satisfied with what available for consumption. India has been a key player in control climate problems. Hence, most of the plant breeders have adapted to the best ways of farming to eliminate any threats. Many farmers in India have also on plant breeding to developing new horticultural plant varieties that are also great source of revenue and income.

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