Sample Essay on Pope Francis Views on Homosexuality

Pope Francis Views on Homosexuality

Pope Francis views on homosexuality have been seen as unclear to some people. In some cases, the pope has made impromptu remarks in the youth forums that have made headlines in the mainstream media. However, some analysts say that the pope is very logical and to understand what he says one has to be very careful with his words.

For instance, there is an instance when Pope Francis said that whenever he meets a gay person, he has to distinguish whether the person is gay or whether the person is part of the lobby. If the person accepts God and they have the goodwill, the pope says that he is no one to judge them. He further says that such persons should not be marginalized. The pope observes that homosexuality tendency is not a problem because these persons are brothers of the members of the Catholic Church.

In analyzing this line of argument of Pope Francis’ view on homosexuality using this statement, many people notes that the pope uses the word “if”. Explanation is that most homosexuals are against the teachings of Jesus on chastity.  Jesus is the giver of salvation and sin is rejecting salvation. Adultery in itself is a sin. Any sexual act outside marriage comprises a sin.

Divine marriage sacrament requires a single woman and a single man to vow mutual fidelity, love and openness for life before God and the public. As such, homosexuality is clearly a rejection of the teachings of Jesus. There are people who have homosexual tendencies yet they opt to accept Jesus’ salvation while maintaining life’s chastity. The pope’s view on homosexuality is simple.


People who have homosexual desires but they are able to show this level of sexual or self-control should not be excluded from the church. Rather, they should be easily welcomed as the brothers of Christ followers and be encouraged in the struggle to do away with the desires and homosexual tendencies. This is a contrary statement contrary to what some people understood the view of Pope Francis on homosexuality to be.

Pope Francis hint on the thought of who gives to the carnal desires as well as live promiscuously whether straight or gay. He notes that homosexuality tendency in itself is not a problem. This statement implies that he acknowledges that a problem exists. The Pope also acknowledges that there is a gay lobby in the church and in the political arena. Nevertheless, Pope Francis view on homosexuality is that people should not judge one another but learn tolerance and acceptance.

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