Sample Essay on Poverty Reduction Strategies in Africa

Poverty Reduction Strategies in Africa

frica is a continent that has been affected by poverty for many decades now. In fact, it is estimated that more than half of the entire African population is engulfed in abject poverty with millions living below the dollar mark. In an attempt to try and alter this occurrence, there are quite a number of strategies that have been implemented by various countries. Some of them have been successful in reducing the poverty levels while others are also still struggling.

Quite a number of African countries have embarked on enhancing food security within their borders to try and contain the spreading poverty. In most parts of Africa, there are several people who are struggling to acquire food for themselves and families. In order to help the situation, quite a number of governments are working on promoting agriculture as a way of ensuring that there is plenty of food for the population. Since some parts of Africa are affected by poor climatic conditions, their governments are supporting irrigation and other agricultural practices that can ensure plentiful harvests.

Another reason why Africa has not been able to get itself out of the yoke of poverty is because of the inability of some of its produce to find better prices in the market. This means that the farmers and other people who are involved in business are not getting the best returns o their produce. Currently, several African states are working towards strengthening globalization so that they are able to get better prices for their produce in international markets. Through the formulation and implementation of policies that encourage fair trade, African nations are able to achieve a level playing field on global markets for economic growth.

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African governments are also embarking on formation of partnerships with world organizations and other developed nations. This is aimed at attracting investments in Africa to help the population in improving their living standards. When companies from abroad invest in Africa, they acquire labor from the locals, thereby creating employment opportunities. Besides, the government also gets to acquire revenue that it-turn goes a long way in reducing the poverty levels in the continent. Investments play an important role in improving the livelihoods of individuals, families and communities at large.

Education is also an important poverty reduction strategy that most African nations have embarked on. The reason why most communities in Africa have remained poor for decades is as a result of low levels of literacy. Various governments have now embarked on encouraging their citizens to take children to school as a way of enhancing education. Besides, sensitization programs have also been initiated to enlighten illiterate adults on ways of how to improve their lives.

Apart from encouraging the population to go to school, several governments have come up with programs aimed at educating the masses on various ways of how to improve their livelihoods through entrepreneurship and other avenues. After the education, locals are granted incentives and credit facilities to actualize their plans towards reducing poverty.

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