Sample Essay on Project portfolio

Portfolio Project

This paper will look at project overview, the background information, and business problem to be solved.

Project name: Project sustainability of donor funded initiatives.

Project description

The study will focus on the factors that have an impact on donor funded initiatives in this state. Most donor funded initiatives have been criticized as being non sustainable since they only cater to the interests of a few individuals or groups in the community. The long term sustenance of such projects is dependent on donors who place strict rules and conditions on the communities and professionals who are charged with the responsibility of carrying out the project to term.

Background information

Some of the rules have been cited as being unrealistic and unachievable especially considering that most of the projects are usually carried out in rural areas where social amenities and other needed facilities are not readily available such as fast and reliable internet to keep on sending updates to the donors. Some business projects also have strict timelines within which the individuals working on the project are expected to deliver. Most donors have set guidelines that are rigid and businesses that would want to get the funds would have to abide with.

Business problem to be solved

The project will focus on coming up with a solution that will deal with how the donor funded projects can be sustained in the long run so that they can continue to assist the individuals/ community for which they were first targeted. The donors could make their rules flexible depending on the current state of affairs for a particular business as long as the end goals and objectives are met.