Sample Essay on Public Policy and Opinion Polls

Public Policy and Opinion Polls

Public policy concerns the government’s guidelines on actions taken by the state’s executive divisions with considerations of the issues that affect a society. The basis of public policy involves constitutional laws and policy with nation-wide implications, developed through a valid political process. There are also judicial explanations and regulations that are normally authorized by legislation. Effective public policy should unravel problems competently and successfully, ascertain justice, support government institutions and policies, and support lively citizenship. It is a challenge to evaluate the sovereign impact of public views in influencing public policy. The policy repeatedly is at odds with countrywide opinion polls while the Constitution contains no terms for nationwide referenda on policy agendas. The public has no say on many policy questions and decision makers can manipulate public opinion or design inappropriate policies. Public policy often considers the interests of the elite and often disregards those of the mass of citizens (Adams 219).

The importance or significance of public opinion in policy making is evident when the considerations being made by the decision-makers draws influence from groupings and civil forums with adequate strength and influence at regional and national levels. Polls constitute one way in which the public influences policy-making through choices of office-holders who are sympathetic to public interests. Feminist public policy influence by feminist analysis researchers features interests such as welfare state issues – labor practices, wages, employment, and family issues. It has enabled the effective influence of women in public policy-making.

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