Sample Essay on Relationship between Culture and Success in a Cross-Cultural Adaptation

Relationship between Culture and Success in a Cross-Cultural Adaptation

Culture refers to practices and fundamental beliefs that define a given community. It reflects on norms of diverse social backgrounds which are different and unique with customs from other societies. Factors such as learning and success encourage individuals to interact with a variety of cultures. Culture is connected to a learning process that affects the community in a positive or negative way.

In addition, culture applies in social events when it instills individuals with beliefs that shape their future. Clearly, cultural beliefs incorporate both good and bad functions that influence a community to follow a certain direction. The norms that entail positive functions are beneficial to the society when they enhance sanity and social progress to the setting. In most organizations, there is a belief that good performance in academics and increase in research impacts it positively by enlightening the society.

Conversely, societies where people have negative beliefs tend to develop a bad attitude that disrupts their learning process. Cultural beliefs involve high proportions that determine a learning procedure in a community that either has a positive or negative impact. In a society, individuals depict success as the ultimate objectives that motivate everyone to work hard to achieve them. Social theorists term success as a concept whose limits are characterized by general and self attitudes.

In this regard, culture is attributed to success when it drives to maintain a positive attitude that will enable them to accomplish their dreams. This implies that the beliefs that people have in relation to their culture oblige them to work hard in their social ideals to succeed. In a society setting, individuals have a general belief that when they work hard, they earn respect and shape their future.


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